Grand Beatbox Battle 2021: World League | Day 1 | Official Livestream

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    This is the official livestream of the GBB21: World League! Join us on the first day of the biggest beatbox event ever!


    GBB21 Main Event

    14:00 LOBBY DOORS OPEN (Ticket Processing & 7toSmoke Prelims Registration)

    14:30 7toSmoke Pre-eliminations

    19:00 GBB21 Opening Ceremony w/ Hiss [DJ Set] & Scott Jackson

    19:40 Reeps One - Showcase

    20:00 Solo Loopstation Showcase Eliminations

    22:45 Solo Wildcard Runner Up Showcases

    23:00 BREAK w/ HerShe [DJ Set]

    00:10 Loopstation Wildcard Runner Up Showcases

    02:15 Solo Showcase Eliminations

    03:00 Inkie - Judge Showcase

    03:30 Sinjo [DJ Set]

    04:00 Day 1 Closing Ceremony w/ Scott Jackson

    04:15 AFTERPARTY w/ HerShe [DJ Set]

    05:00 DOORS CLOSE

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    Production by SBX Team
    IG: @pepouni_sbx
    IG: @sinjo_sbx
    IG: @domina_sbx
    IG: @h1defull_sbx
    IG: @fredybeats
    IG: @yuosofficial
    IG: @the.jacknasty
    IG: @pacmax_bbx
    IG: @beatboximo

    Visuals by Trung Bao IG: @tbaocreate
    Color by Adrià Olea IG: @adriaolea

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