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    Join Professor Jim Al-Khalili on an intriguing journey through the enigmatic realm of quantum physics, a scientific theory that has baffled and fascinated minds since the early 20th century. It all began with a seemingly innocuous question about the functioning of light bulbs, leading scientists on a profound exploration into the sub-atomic universe, where the ordinary rules of reality are flipped upside down.
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@pentagrammaton6793 +229

Physics doesn't break down at quantum levels, but our understanding of physics does.

@paulperez6132 +6

Quantum physics is the closest thing we have to actual magic 🎩 ✨️

14 дней назад
@timredd +5

Jim, in his special way of explaining the complexity of physics, makes it simpler, so the understanding of it appeals to a layman of the subject.

21 день назад
@jk-video2716 +12

Sir, your explanations are WONDERFUL! I have always thought of reality as obeying laws that are sensible, but quantum physics gives the impression of not doing this. String theory attempts to make things a bit more sensible, but probably is not the answer. In any case, the way that you put real world explanations to these things is so very good.

@Favourites669 +115

Hell yes!!! More docs with Herr Al-Khalili are always welcome. This guy should have his own channel! Thanks a lot!


Thank you! I never took Quantum physics or mechanics but I’m wanting to learn what the big deal is all about. ❤

12 часов назад
@jean-claudesteffens8466 +3

This is just the explanation about quantum mechanics I was waiting for in years. Thank you for that Professor Al-Khalili. In my understanding Physics is aimed at associating models (numbers and equations) to the real things. Models are there to predict the result of future experiments, which then prove if they were right (aka: applicable) or wrong. So I have no problem if a (relatively) free standing electron, or a crashing electron on a detector follows the particle model, while a fast traveling electron fired by the gun follows the probabilistic wave model. What I miss in this case is a description of how properties of the electron are modified when it is "fired" (or: what makes it "evaporate" to a probabilistic wave). Similarly, how the electron properties are modified when it is "detected", "measured" or when the probabilistic wave "crashes" on some obstacle to crystallize again as a particle at a (somewhat predictable) random place in space. Studying these transitions could be more profitable than arguing on "which reality is real". Concerning entanglement, did someone look at it as two crystallization's of a single wave ? The video suggests that the second coin continues to turn when the first one is fixed. Isn't that misleading ? when the first one is "detected", what if the second one has been displaced out of reach of a detector ?

@Aditya-yg1ce +31

There is something about how Prof Khalili explains things that make me nod my head as if I understood things which i could never comprehend, like ever.

@x19fan1 +3

Mr. Cook- why you chose to end your life is a mystery to me- but watching you set up and demonstrate the two slit experiment drove me to be a physics teacher. You made a difference…you did… because I have been blessed to have taught students who have accomplished so much ! You truly did change the world because you inspired a basic kid to do so much better…

21 день назад
@cetateanu9669 +9

I never liked the school.But I loved physics lectures.I left the school and now I am watching quantum physics and can easily understand.

@hydrorix1 +3

Incredible production of challenging material + riveting cinematography makes Jim Al-Khalili authoritative and entertaining! Exquisite, sir!

@danielpaulson8838 +5

Thanks for re-posting this fine science material featuring a favorite, Prof Jim Al-Khalili. People will watch the Big Bang Theory, TV Sitcom again and again. I like re-watching good science shows.

@emmanuelmwape4560 +1

Thank you for this breath taking work connecting quantum dots from the past to the present. The story has just begun.


I loved the scene of club house set-up at minute

21 день назад
@cresenteayo3638 +3

In 4th year highschool one of my favorites is Physics. Two Sections A and B attended these class altogether about 50 senior students. In short quizes involving formulas I beat the best and honor students so do in world history subject. My physics teacher was surprised why I was leading while honor students tailed behind me. But that inclination halted in college my course is different from my academic interest.

@geoffreysummerhayes4793 +5

Two questions come to mind watching this. First, what does 'the other particle simultaneously changes' actually mean in a relativistic universe? They are separated by an interval, so we can change the time and distance by switching inertial frames. Second, the robins. Assuming the electrons are entangled, how did that happen and still guarantee they ended up in the correct positions?

@bandulaamarawardena6576 +2

I think we need to consider the ground radio-activity resulting in alpha-particles, near volcanos, and even in volcanic ashes that spread to long distances when we think about the mutations due to protons. This could also explain how billions of different species of different sizes and shapes were born to the world many millions of years ago when the ground radio-active levels were high due to thousands of volcanic eruptions. Of course then nature applied natural selection explained by Darwin.


seriously this guy should be required reading in schools explains things very clear and concise learning is fun again !! bloody smart chap.

28 дней назад

Thanks Prof. Al-Khalili. Perhaps you gave an insight to a problem I came across regarding chlorophyll and capturing energy.

@simongills2051 +1

The only man who defies his own theories by never growing older.


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