my GREATEST kpop songs of all time (part 1)

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    beat my transition game
    my greatest kpop songs of all time list (so far) (not a ranking)
    1. Gods Menu - Stray Kids
    3. After School - Weeekly
    4. Heart Attack - AOA
    5. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
    6. Butterfly - LOONA
    7. Spring Day - BTS
    sub for pt 2
    intro: blue hour - txt
    blue hour fancam from KBS
    blue hour inst. by WONNIE THE WORLD
    gods menu inst. by aesthetic inst.
    after school inst. by Cry Baby Records
    heart attack inst. by V Soo
    russian roulette inst. by Alan Buenrostro
    spring day inst. by NINSTRUMENTAL-SV
    butterfly inst. by UTM's Music
    russian roulette fancam by. TheGsd
    very nice fancam by. TheGsd
    heart attack fancam by. TheGsd
    butterfly fancam by. elegant vibe
    after school fancam by. m2
    all official mvs and dance practices from respective groups/companies
    kpop opinion groups music fancam music video bts blackpink unpopular problem loona twice red velvet stayc itzy izone essay korean food 4th gen leaders fourth generation new era weeekly rm jungkook jimin disband ranking tier list hiphop kanye west winter aespa karina ningning giselle sm jyp yg v taehyung jennie jisoo flop disband debut new hot worst best comeback album single title track bside girls generation snsd youtube world domination marvel mcu anime teasers highlight medley bighit hybe pledis source music enhypen txt fromis_9 iz*one panorama after school asap hwaa (g)i-dle clc cube starship wonyoung sakura heuningkai fever very nice heart attack aoa gods menu stray kids felix chan hyunjin vernon thegsd wonnie the world greatest songs of all time after school monda soeun jihan spring day best song emotional lovesong reaction review wjsn part 1 unnatural rocket punch cherry bullet 2ne1 wonder girls everglow hot takes talented untalented weak vocals singing rapping rap dance dancing ryujin violeta dkdk bad boy thanks carats flovers wiz*one reveluv blood sweat and tears deja vu dreamcatcher jiu jeonghan dk jiwon hayoung nagyung stayc stereotype not friends winter next level pirate king ateez snsd taeyeon chaeryeong lia momo tyler yeji yuna in the morning mafia paint the town we go fiesta ateez seventeen ready to love so bad so good queendom taste of love shoot yena yujin yuri chaewon stan twitter winterosy ktuber girlgroup see you again aoa brave girls rollin instrumental black mamba woollim 8d yuehua jujutsu kaisen attack on titan haikyuu japan asian irene seulgi yeri joy wendy jin suga jhope billboard grammys western tiktok reddit girls planet 999 pd101 pd48 2021 2020 donda spiderman 4k hd where google

winterosy +26


zay +514

yknow...when i saw spring day come up , i almost cried because your reasoning was perfect, a language barrier can be broken by songs like that. ITS A PERFECT song and gives the feeling of letting go at the right time when u know u need it. spring day is a perfect representation of the hold music has on us humans.😄

jennieluv +377

russian roulette is indeed one of the best kpop songs, the vocals, the instrumental, the whole vibe, its totally different from everything ive ever heard before. And the fact that the song sounds so bubbly in cute while they are literally trying to k!ll eachother in the music video is so funny to me

Trinh Thi Kim +208
Trinh Thi Kim

“Stray Kids took the noise and shoved it down our throats.”

CiipherLand +235

Idk why but everytime I listen to spring day, I get this feeling idk what it is but it just gives me nostalgia

euni +173

the editing is top notch (especially with the transitions and all , that was really refreshing) i love this video so much <3 (also stream spring day)

pomme 04 +134
pomme 04

I will never shut up about how perfect butterfy is. No song will ever hit me the same way again. Every time this song is played I have to stop a moment to fully listen to it because it's that much

козявка +53

I SCREAMED when gods menu started playing. INDEED ONE OF THE BEST song i EVER heard.

miffin +336

me seeing hyuka on thumbnail: click

eisha :0 +70
eisha :0

i feel like spring day has a weird magic to it. The way it can just make you stop what you doing, lay down and close your eyes and think about a loved one is just so, so gorgeous to me; the vocals, the rap and the instrumental all flows so well that it create pure bliss. This song can literally help you heal and find closure and its crazy.

Kathleen Buckley +21
Kathleen Buckley

I am 69 and love Sray Kids Gods Menu, Double Knot Back Door, and Thunderous. I love the

❋Everglow-Up❋ +101

"I think you can't argue with me on this one"

Sarah Park +74
Sarah Park

Russian roulette is everything. I want someone to do something like that again. Experimental, iconic dance move, addicting sound, never done before concept and ages so perfectly. Bring me a song like that.

Blueberry Cheesecake +142
Blueberry Cheesecake

Just binge watched your 6 previous videos and decided to subscribe, then I see this. I don't know what it is and usually I never really want to follow any K-pop youtubers but there are 2-3 exceptions and I think your channel will be one of them. I love the editing, the transitions and the instrumental that stays in the background even when the robot voice is talking. Your opinions and ideas are very interesting and I don't get a headache from listening to you lmao. I hope you keep going and growing because this could become a thousand subscribers material thing. Thanks for entertaining us luv!

Sandra Siwak +39
Sandra Siwak

finally someone mentions “butterfly” by loona, it’s the song that got me into loona and i absolutely love it from start till the end. and for me the chorus is amazing. honestly, i’m glad you added “spring day” because it’s such an important song and usually stans downplay it because it’s by bts.. i cry whenever i listen to it.

LamiAn'Teddie +19

Spring Day literally is a masterpiece that will remain timeless all by still keeping a warm feeling of warmness and has a heavenly chorus. I used to listen to this song every single day not bc "daily str3am" bc i felt connected to the soothing vocals and meaning in general. Truly one of the best songs out there

I LoOkEd aT ChaInS aNd EvEN TaSTed tHeM -kurapika +36
I LoOkEd aT ChaInS aNd EvEN TaSTed tHeM -kurapika

Gods Menu is the song that got me into Stray Kids so I'm glad its on the list.

jaeyuno +67

you put very nice, after school 🥺, russian roulette and butterfly which i agree are some of the best songs in kpop. i really wish loona will have more songs in the same leg as butterfly then use that concept as they grow as a group because that was the most heavenly song from them. after school was the best song this year and it only gets better the more you listen. it makes you feel like the pandemic isn't even happening and that you're hanging out with your friends after school. it spreads youthful energy and it just makes me so nostalgic. can't wait for part 2!

Hyunjin’s ✨hair band✨ +62
Hyunjin’s ✨hair band✨

Finally someone that loves god menu Sksksksks

PatricRuss +9

Stray Kids always keep on one-upping themselves and that's why I love them so much. Thunderous really hits as hard as God's Menu with a completely different concept. And they basically say "Fk U" to the haters in the most respectful way.


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