get to know the members of xdinary heroes with chan!

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A Kraken From the Sea +6
A Kraken From the Sea

Chan having a crisis over the age gap between him and everyone except Gunil is a mood

Zara Kirsten +7
Zara Kirsten

not Chan slowly but surely realizing that JYP practically copied and pasted again 🤣 his reaction to the age gaps and similarities between their grps are hilarious too

Sparshita Sahu +6
Sparshita Sahu

Lol did Chan really think people stopped breeding after Jeongin was born 💀😂 LMAO man was so shook when he found the 02 liners

Afina +3

Lmao as a father, Chan knows how hard it is to take care of 7 kids so he offers the help. And XHeroes's 02 lines are as chaotic as SKZ's 00 lines. 😭😭😭 Hwaiting Gunil

Ana Vitória +1
Ana Vitória

Gunil and Chan has the same MBTI, both are leaders and know how to speak english, O. de share the same name with Seungmin (and Seungmin's features remind Wonpil), Young K, Jun Han and Han are lost siblings (and the last ones share the same name too), Lee Know, Sana and a girl from the new girl group kinda look alike and let's not even start with the "Hwang siblings"...

hjsngrrr +2

The day xdinary heroes and stray kids collab is the day I will d word peacefully

Ren T +2
Ren T

And this, my friends, is why we need SKZ and Xdinary interactions- also just the fact Jungsu is as old as I.N gives random seratonin- the rest besides Gunil and Jungsu are younger than I.N he can finally be the cool older Sunbae 😭

Bloom 🌺 +1
Bloom 🌺

I was in process of learning their names and now chan explained it soo simply that I don't have to struggle anymore ;) thanks 😊 to Bangchan.

Tinolang Manowk +1
Tinolang Manowk

I find it rather funny that based in his reaction to the XH '02 liners, Chan basically forgot that he shared a stage with '04, '05, '06, and '07 liners at JYP LOUD lol donghyeon is literally 10 years younger than him 😂

Dots Vásquez +847
Dots Vásquez

He really said “good luck” to gunil cause he have really young members and all of the grandfather jokes skz make to chan i can’t HAHAHAHA

hakdog0127 +719

I love how both Leeknow and Chan were so suprised to learn that xh has many 02 liners 💀💀

Arsyah Amirah +358
Arsyah Amirah

I love how Chan immediately said "Hwaiting to the leaders" right after he realized that they also had 4 members who is the same age. He must be remember ✨ The Chaos ✨ that Skz's 00L made and soon to be XH 02L to take the baton.

Winter 冬 +379
Winter 冬

jhdbfhjdjhb that's so cute?? Chan looked them up and talked about them on his live like awwwww 🥺!! and stuff he said like "oh we're both leaders and have the same mbti, we'll get closer soon!" or "ooh junhan has han in his name and kinda looks like han" like this whole video was so cute 😭 I'm so happy Chan introduced them like this, how he's so caring, and I hope fellow stays will check out xdinary heroes because they're GREAT, their debut song is amazing and they have a bright future ahead of them 🥰❤

Jacky Baduria +137
Jacky Baduria

I love how Chan is just like us for thinking that Jun Han looks like Han Jisung HAHAHA, we aren't alone guys!😂

Sparshita Sahu +337
Sparshita Sahu


Melody Canada +292
Melody Canada

I love that not only did he look them up, but he actually read their profiles! I hope we get some interaction with Xdinary Heroes and other JYP artist soon!

god jihyo's apostle +502
god jihyo's apostle


Lilith De Vil +344
Lilith De Vil

Our Leader Bang looks so surprising about 02 liners before knowing 07 liner Donghyeon XD


Can y'all just kidnap Chan and preserve him

Niah Napoli +136
Niah Napoli

It's a bit weird to think of that the 02'liners can call I.N "hyung" or "sunbaenim", like for me I.N is the male maknae of Jyp 😂


Lee Know was on Chan's Room and this is how it went


Lee Know was on Chan's Room and this is how it went

Katya Strom

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stray kids are UNHINGED and that's why you love them


stray kids are UNHINGED and that's why you love them

bottled pasta

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2-ОЙ ДЕНЬ ПРОЩАНИЯ с Юрием Шатуновым 27.06.22


Uyni xojayini kim sizningcha ? Meni kanalimga obuna bolishni unutmang


FUNNY ploud moments i think about a lot


FUNNY ploud moments i think about a lot

peachiehun 재은

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hoseok being EVIL for 8 minutes 😈


hoseok being EVIL for 8 minutes 😈

starri tae

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stray kids exercising was an absolute disaster


stray kids exercising was an absolute disaster


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jungwon and his 6 children (using his leader card)


jungwon and his 6 children (using his leader card)


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stray kids funny and cute moments ♡


stray kids funny and cute moments ♡

dream club

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