🧳EP.3-1ㅣWatch this and you'll become a fan | 🧳The Game Caterers 2 x HYBE

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canne1e +16


Mico +2

Doesn't matter which group you stan, your bias wrecker is Yeonjun. 😭

Viviane Rodrigues +2
Viviane Rodrigues

yeonjun's effort is no joke and soobin and tae killed it too.

21BPH009 Dhanuja +4
21BPH009 Dhanuja

Yeonjun dancing like he is the secret member of every group

At +2

Tbh I like this hybe random dance version better than starship ver. It's really entertaining. I come here regularly and never getting bored. I must say Seungkwan's hosting skill plays a big role and praiseworthy indeed. With his great sense and funny comments, he controls the flow well. Hope he can collaborate with Na pd in the near future.

Sat-No-Sleep +1


Niko Augustine +921
Niko Augustine

I love how someone said ‘twerking’ and without prompting Yeonjun just started twerking 😂

Lenovo Smart +552
Lenovo Smart

to be honest, Mingyu was accurate in his dance step in ThatThat 😂 so cute. he remembers the choreography ha ha ha ha

aristired +454

I love how Yunjin was just openly confused and standing around for some of them but her sheer confidence of not walking out kept her in. Mad respect.

Sabina Cabanero +300
Sabina Cabanero

Hoshi and Sunoo dancing to Hot was cute knowing that they did the Tiktok together.

Melissa Challinor +517
Melissa Challinor

I love this episode especially seeing my bias Yeonjun being amazing and knowing all the choreography. Soobin you were amazing too!❤️

Sanjana Shah +480
Sanjana Shah

Yeonjun isn't called 4th Gen IT Boy for nothing!!! Our man knows every fucking choreo step by step!!!!

Modesta R Sitorus +184
Modesta R Sitorus

I saw this more and more at

jngwn +7

minghao’s memorization is insane he goes from barely knowing the steps to decently dancing along the 2nd time

바람 +486

최연준씨 잘춰주셔서 너무 감사합니다 분량이 많으셔서 너무 행복하고 광대가 내려가지 않네요

농농 +279

십오야 제목 100퍼 반영 투바투 빠짐ㅜㅜ

TigerAngel17 +111

The amount of times I've rewatched this is unhealthy

Anuu Gombo +185
Anuu Gombo

Hwang Minhyun and Kazuha have that chemistry

🍡mylittleddeonu 🍡 +134
🍡mylittleddeonu 🍡


Kristy Le +11
Kristy Le

Yeonjun is dancing and performing like his rent are due tmr😂 I LOVE HIM


Ice cream vs felt-tip pen #shorts #MilliStar


Ice cream vs felt-tip pen #shorts #MilliStar

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Ice cream vs felt-tip pen #shorts #MilliStar


Ice cream vs felt-tip pen #shorts #MilliStar

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Просмотров 3,4 млн