tariq being comedic relief|| abbott elementary

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    happy black history month
    this will be the first of many abbott elementary vids
    so enjoy tariq cracking me up for like 5 mins
    love, cat ♡
    #abbottelementary #tariq #quintabrunson #zackfox #hulu

@dancingsun2 +2278

Tariq is such an interesting character , cause he treats Janine bad and is an overall awful boyfriend so you're supposed to hate him....but then he does the most stupid and funniest things that make you like him. Like how am I supposed to hate the man that created the iconic "Abbott on Abbott on Abbott" song? 😭

9 месяцев назад
@TJ-jw1wm +103

I don’t think you’re supposed to hate him

8 месяцев назад
@AD23U +103

The thing is he is a good man. He’s inexperienced and immature. I actually think he’s better for Janine.

8 месяцев назад
@Retro_Red +32

Like Andy in the early seasons of Parks and Rec.

8 месяцев назад
@oliviamurphy9482 +40

@@AD23Ubetter than who? 👀

7 месяцев назад
@shanikaayanna9767 +88

@@oliviamurphy9482can’t be talking bout better than Gregory Eddie! 😂

7 месяцев назад
@JaneDoeValentine +1848

I love how they didn’t make him the typical asshole boyfriend. He was neglectful and oblivious, but he didn’t mean to be. And in season 2 he showed up for the kids and was genuinely passionate about helping Abbot Elementary

9 месяцев назад
@marissawilson4644 +24


7 месяцев назад
@djamtz +1

Relatable u mean

4 месяца назад
@xomariah8157 +13

He actually only showed up because he had no where to go and he made the new theme song for the school who was going to take over abbot

Месяц назад
@deidresteadman9771 +4

He was cheating on her while on tour.

15 дней назад

Wait. What tour? ​@@deidresteadman9771

10 дней назад
@niaknee-yuh5339 +989

“You know I’m a feminist that’s why I let u pay for all my stuff” we love a ally✊🏾

7 месяцев назад


8 дней назад
@marissawilson4644 +1808

I love the running gag that he thinks that Gregory is the talent handler and not a teacher 😂 . He should be a comedian.

11 месяцев назад
@MrCash-lm1xz +74

he is

10 месяцев назад
@_AutumnFall_ +2775

“Okay shawty where is my dessert”💀💀💀

Год назад
@melaniemartinezismywife +70

never fails to crack me up💀💀

9 месяцев назад
@ladymay7789 +62

I'm a girl!!! (*LOL!!!*)

9 месяцев назад
@niaknee-yuh5339 +35

It’s the way she stared at him😭

7 месяцев назад
@britnicox3929 +657

He was awful to Janine, but he was SO funny every time he was there. It takes real talent to play someone so unlikable but also charismatic

8 месяцев назад
@sarahhesoun3477 +36

I dont think he was *awful* at all. Hes just immature, that doesnt make someone a bad person

5 месяцев назад
@hv9460 +765

the handshake is actually adorable tho

10 месяцев назад
@Realrap2727 +578

What if lil shawty died from drugs right now 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

10 месяцев назад
@TheWinnie42 +28

🤣🤣 I screamed !

10 месяцев назад
@sketchycat6223 +15

My favorite moment

9 месяцев назад
@rhonnichan +46

"That was an artistic interlude. Ok, back to the music!" 😭

6 месяцев назад
@NanaJaviJay +3

This part takes me out every time 🤣😭😭😭

7 дней назад
@KNightRider504 +1887

Not sure Tariq is considered "comedic relief," since Abbott itself is a comedy, but he was hilarious. He needs to come back.

Год назад
@thiscatedits08 +364

he def has to come back as the new music teacher or something lol

11 месяцев назад
@ashleyrogers1930 +176

@@thiscatedits08 Him and Ava would be a hilarious!

11 месяцев назад
@rockinita5827 +28

As a teacher

10 месяцев назад
@drethethinker6418 +37

Every scene he was in turned the rest of the cast, sometime include Janine, into the straight man.

10 месяцев назад
@hallowseve5072 +725

"That's my lil balloon baby, stay away from those squirrels or your gonna get those new rabies" 😂

11 месяцев назад
@jeremybrown9611 +9

That Boy good

11 месяцев назад
@withexpectancy5818 +2

@@jeremybrown9611 Mmmmm, good-n-terrible

7 месяцев назад
@natcary7 +489

Another to add to the list is the scene during the zoo field trip when he knew a kid was missing from the group, and confirmed it with his 'roll call' lol

10 месяцев назад
@entropy3615 +61

Low key genius tho 😂

10 месяцев назад
@teresa18870 +51

“When I move you move!”

9 месяцев назад
@ggjr1992 +8

He was missing some bass! 🤣

Месяц назад
@thatcece08 +624

His last episode after the credits just saying outtakes and stuff after the fundraiser had me rolling bc I bet most of his stuff is just IMPROV 😭😭 like HE NEEDS AWARDS

10 месяцев назад
@zhanehenderson24 +609

‘I pay taxes I ain’t gotta eat no sandwich’ 😂😂😂😂

11 месяцев назад
@OJN731 +54

He’s so broke ain’t no way he pays taxes 😂😂😂

10 месяцев назад
@mmps18 +27

I appreciate how Tariq isn't a bad guy, just a bad FIT as a partner for Janine. He's so funny and a solid dude that comes through for the community.

10 дней назад
@samuelzizi5611 +309

The Steve "this is ur man" got me

10 месяцев назад
@raymeester7883 +23

That killed.

10 месяцев назад
@molemomoalosi +26

i imagine that’s what he was thinking in that moment 😭

10 месяцев назад
@tru.lyamess +110

Tariq accidentally making the jingle for abbotts new rival is very in character for him imo

6 месяцев назад
@kaylenejantjes8113 +653

Kudos to Quinta and everyone else who had scenes with this actor. He seems like someone who says the funniest shit with a straight face! 😂 I loved Tariq! He was super funny despite being a deadbeat boyfie. 😂

10 месяцев назад
@aniltondecarvalho2725 +36

Look for Zach Fox works he’s fucking hilarious in everything

10 месяцев назад
@armanimorris6691 +85

"I'm going to din din with Nine Nine for some noms noms" 😭

8 месяцев назад
@alexisalexisbfrazieryahoocom +159

Raining harder than a usher video 😅😂😂😂I love the writers of the show

10 месяцев назад
@ak-xp4hp +2

This didn't hit at first because I'm like "it didn't rain that hard in Burn " but then I thought about the torrential downpour in "U Got It Bad" and cried tears lol

2 месяца назад
@Adrienne.Michelle91 +73

Tariq is the male version of Ava 😂😂

7 месяцев назад
@rogueuppercut +479

1:45 the way she says it is so adorable omg😭

11 месяцев назад
@gensai93 +81

😂 lol the way she just looked at him after he said where's his dessert,

10 месяцев назад
@RubenDari +121

This girl is so unimpressed with him, you can feel holding in her rage and disgust. She’s thinking. “this man is a fool”

10 месяцев назад
@thiscatedits08 +28


10 месяцев назад
@spacebar9733 +8

Gives me baby fever she's so cute 😭

4 месяца назад
@jiovek +127

2:06 this is genuinely one of my favourite jokes from the whole show 😭

9 месяцев назад
@criss6623 +242

It's the handshake for me😂😂😂😂😂

11 месяцев назад
@ness354 +76

I didn’t know he was an actual rapper💀his music is actually good af

10 месяцев назад
@jolifigueroa7018 +143

3:39 “Can I use that time to smash other people or nah?”😂😂

10 месяцев назад
@marcussimmons9452 +163

Didn't really mind him at first (I just thought he was some kind of throwaway character), but as time went on, I really started to like him and I think he is hilarious. I hope he stays around in some capacity. It's like he's an Andy Dwyer or Meredith Palmer or Gina Linetti (early on) or Jason Mendoza type of character. I like it and am here for it.

10 месяцев назад
@noyayay +244

whoever writing these raps ??😭😭😭 i love you

10 месяцев назад
@bunnybb +91

the actor zack fox is a rapper himself and his songs are comedic too so its probably him

10 месяцев назад
@lelelovebug1317 +103

He is silly as hell! I’m glad Janine isn’t with him anymore but I like him on the show lol

10 месяцев назад
@candisecharmaine2913 +68

Tariq is the biggest idiot, I love it 😂😂😂 He definitely needs a spin-off lol

9 месяцев назад
@iluvmyboba +8

You know, I never thought about that. It's a good idea. The premise could be his struggles trying to make it as a 30+ year old rapper.

8 месяцев назад
@sandrabunga65 +180

Double mahogany 😂😂😂😂

11 месяцев назад
@blvckrlly +194

tariq is so hilarious 😭😭😭😭

11 месяцев назад
@dre27321 +64

I love Zack fox so much 😂

9 месяцев назад
@zillailluhr +2

I love him so much . He’s crazy as hell 😂

8 месяцев назад
@jaydaarnell0906 +27

“What if this lil stage manager shawty died from drugs right now” PLSSS

8 месяцев назад
@kaylenejantjes8113 +41

Does anyone think Tariq's "Legendary School" sounds like the beginning of Tupac's "California Love"? 😂

10 месяцев назад
@l.c.cannegieter7639 +82

When he said double mahogany i dieddd

11 месяцев назад
@yourfavoritebiologyteacher1191 +21

I love how the kids love him!😂😂

6 месяцев назад
@IjeomaThePlantMama +73

One last money for the road💰 🤣 I love Tariq! Hope he continues to pop back in!

11 месяцев назад
@LuvLexiT +27

"I pay taxes..I ain't gotta eat no sandwich." 😭😭😭😭

9 месяцев назад
@kaego.s +37

I've been saying how much he needs a spin-off show!

10 месяцев назад
@toddanthony6664 +6

2:46 When Gregory looks at the camera is the very definition silent shade.

12 дней назад
@estrellacasias +9

Everyone who has ever had a relationship since grade school has a relationship like this I've never seen different

7 месяцев назад
@lorelailuna +30

I forgot about the double mahogany line, hilarious 😂

10 месяцев назад
@favoredhustlekai +53

Stay away from the squirrels you might get them new rabies 😂😂😩

10 месяцев назад
@aldon560 +4

I want him to be a regular so badly

14 дней назад
@melokebeni2784 +21

The actor's name is Zack Fox. I love him so much. Y'all should listen to Jesus is The One, he recorded it with Kenny Beats...it's fucking hilarious

9 месяцев назад
@ulobjanet +55

the first scene’s 0:04 rap was lowkey eating

10 месяцев назад
@kimdastorytellr +31

Your added commentary 🫰🏽 perfect 😂

10 месяцев назад
@danielleclemons4245 +4

“It went double mahogany” 🤣

4 месяца назад
@jennym4654 +6

The double mahogany scene gets me everytime

5 месяцев назад
@oterojo +29

Double Mahogany is crazy 😂😂😂

10 месяцев назад
@maverickREAL +23

Never watched this show but if this isn't Zack Fox then it's someone who sounds EXACTLY like him

10 месяцев назад
@freddyfootstomps6557 +11

Lmao yeah it’s Zack Fox

10 месяцев назад
@jessicag6729 +14

Tariq is interesting, because in most sitcom stuff the boyfriend is always the most awful person. Tariq is not perfect at all but he's not 100% hateable. Most sitcom boyfriends are horrid and while he is definitely lazy he and Janine still were really positive to each other and he was really good with the kids

4 месяца назад
@James-4534 +3

“I’m bleeping your girl on a jetski” 😂

11 дней назад
@ludicojo +72

I love this so much 😂

Год назад
@freeinghumanitynow +2

Zack Fox steals each and every scene he's in.

5 месяцев назад
@fablab21 +14

If I knew Zack was on this, I'd have started watching this way before.

10 месяцев назад
@mosesoftheblock2311 +14

Tariq needs a spinoff.

10 месяцев назад
@Lach94 +3

The edits are sending me 😂😂😂

24 дня назад
@Louise-wk5yf +3

that is one unique handshake

4 месяца назад
@jaybabyi3038 +21

The edits 🤌🏾✨️

11 месяцев назад
@eniola5088 +1

That handshake 🤣🤣😭… i have no words

3 месяца назад
@Alex_Tribe +1

I feel like Tariq had good qualities and initially he would have treated Janine well (especially if he passed her mum's test), but then she outgrew him and he grew in a different direction...but he's that person it's hard fo hate...I enjoy his scenes and looks like he'll be back in season 3 so excited for his scenes with any of the main cast😂

7 дней назад
@disneyramirez8024 +38

How y’all didn’t put the part where he’s like go handler go handler o he going crazy 😂 lmfao he said jadakiss stole his laugh he killlsssss me & mr johnson get all into his music when he comes out

10 месяцев назад
@libraenvidiosa741 +3

he and ava dating would be so awesome and the funniest thing in the world

3 месяца назад
@phuzen1278 +10

nobody talking about “double mahogany” 💀💀💀💀

9 месяцев назад

I think Tariq and Janine were really good friends who decided to date because that handshake was tew much 😂

3 дня назад

Tariq is the early seasons of P&R Andy of Abbott elementary, but somehow 1000x funnier

Месяц назад
@LocdnessMomster +41

How he gone do a jingle for legendary schools and perform for abbot and diss the dude from legendary schools?

10 месяцев назад
@misstriciak +24

He said Legendary Schools took his song down because of copyright infringement" so they got beef 😂 he is so silly omg

10 месяцев назад
@Bubaiel +2

I mean it was a job he don’t gotta like them 😂

4 месяца назад
@RubenDari +6

Great editing !!!!😂🎉❤🎉

10 месяцев назад
@Airahar +12

I dont know what happened but he looked more attractive to me in season 2.

9 месяцев назад
@misstriciak +2

Hollywood makeover : he hit the gym and got a cooler haircut

7 месяцев назад
@sarkastikleader4708 +5

lmao Tariq ain't shit but the kids do love him

7 месяцев назад
@IamLMG +3

“So can I use this time to smash other people or nah” 😂

3 месяца назад
@tiffanyreene7955 +6

He’s a good man Savannah 🥹🥹😆😂😂

7 месяцев назад
@tajsimms8976 +12

Legendary schools Easter egg 4:55 this show is so clever!

10 месяцев назад
@marrbtw +6

that man never got his dessert

10 месяцев назад
@mana_miss2168 +2

Yeah, he stupid, that's why we love him🤧🤧

14 дней назад
@k_527 +7


10 месяцев назад
@l.c.cannegieter7639 +10

I love tariq

11 месяцев назад
@iwashere8788 +8

I love Tariq

10 месяцев назад
@jaydaarnell0906 +4

“Bleep bleep bleep”

8 месяцев назад
@brigwe616 +10

Tariq > Everyone Else

10 месяцев назад
@miurtouissi1093 +3

Hes so handsome

10 месяцев назад
@julieraea6306 +26

Bleep bleep

11 месяцев назад
@amaria9257 +3

bro said double mahogany 😭

10 месяцев назад
@NubianPrince85 +3

Tariq grew on me.. 😊

8 месяцев назад
@rockinita5827 +15

Dont do my 2nd cousin like that. He finna be a star

10 месяцев назад
@claireindigo1200 +10

I need him to be regular

10 месяцев назад
@fangirlotaku12 +1

It was the “last one for the road” fah me Janine

5 месяцев назад
@TheLillink +1

Their couple handshake 😂😂😂

8 месяцев назад
@drakec6781 +12

He is super funny

11 месяцев назад
@riverbanzachamploo9725 +40

He's like Andy from Parks and Rec. Black Andy.

11 месяцев назад
@beansonbrains +1


8 месяцев назад
@bigfootisreal9359 +6

this man is funny and fine 😍

10 месяцев назад
@kikisvasectomyservice +19


10 месяцев назад
@385thstu +2


10 месяцев назад
@commonsens3 +1

He is tom haverford combined with andy from parks and rec combined with scully from brooklyn 99, altogether.

9 месяцев назад
@leiarenee1317 +2

Tariq “got moneeeey”

10 месяцев назад
@niagraham2138 +3

Tariq is my dude😂

10 месяцев назад
@tajmabruno +4

Hilarious character

10 месяцев назад

i just finished the show and to my surprise this man was janine's boyfriend and not the drama and music teacher

Месяц назад
@AK.40.JHONNY +27

1:09 😂😂😂😂

11 месяцев назад


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