「 GCMV 」• House Of Memories - O.c story • By : Yu

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JT ZK +2

Yu proudly presents to us all another wonderful master piece ! 🥁🥁The editing, the characters and the story are all so good! This new line of characters are really interesting. Let’s all take the time to appreciate all the effort placed in to this oc story. Amazing as always! ✨✨

𝕵𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖊 — 🍷 +498
𝕵𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖊 — 🍷

This says the truth. It just shows the truth about how mental and physical abuse affects a person's well-being and mind.

Luzteck50 +119

Normalmente, la comunidad gacha no es muy apreciada pero cuando ví esto, me parecio una obra de arte

Mari ツ +13
Mari ツ

Ok eu admito.... Sua edição é TÃOOOO PERFEITA ;w;

19 часов назад
luhvsunnyy +76

this is terrifyingly awesome- the animation is so smooth, the plot is so intriguing, and the whole edit is just fire! i dont think ive ever seen something this good- your so talented!

Selvina Arifova +55
Selvina Arifova

Это просто восхитительно у меня не хватает слов чтобы описать на сколько мне понравилось!♥️

21 день назад
•? Cloudiie ?• +752
•? Cloudiie ?•

The development, the character designs, the backstory just everything about this video is fantastic! I absolutely loved it, I would love to see more of these characters!

Sadie's Scribbles! +24
Sadie's Scribbles!

I'm not even gonna lie, this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen. The editing is incredible and the storyline is breathtaking. The amount of effort in this is unreal, you took me through an emotional rollercoaster.

r. hakei +275
r. hakei

Esto.. impresionante, como alguien puede tener tanto talento? Sentí la emoción, será cierto que con la práctica se puede hacer todo? :0

~_Simp_Før_Słeep~ +121

Whoa, whoa, whoa

Dawnfall +43

This is amazing, to the characters, the storyline, the art, editing, and honestly this whole gcmv is beautiful, keep up the good work

YHWH_eternal +8

its wholesome to see that you made they're characteristics and reactions seem more realistic.

Tempus Gaming +2
Tempus Gaming

Thank you for presenting something like this in a way which is realistic. I've seen too many examples of people who think of all mental illnesses as one thing and/or think that behavioural disorder immediately equals total psychopathy. Thank you for presenting a more realistic character. I really like the character of Marcus.

kArina Schmidt +28
kArina Schmidt

The art is amazing

Alienzinha Alice +16
Alienzinha Alice

this channel is a MASTERPIECE

mimir_violtfoncé +2

Isso tá perfeito 🧐

12 часов назад
Øreo +19

Oh my-

SLM +10

I love all the actions and how it has so much motion. This is also one of my favorite songs! This is like my top 1 favorite videos! I really mean it. I can’t stop watching it. This is AMAZING! Great job. I love it! This is my 10th time watching this. I love everything about this video, the story everything! Even how it’s about a younger brother that try’s to be like his big brother. It’s perfect! The song goes so well with the video.

|⟨ A Y U H A ⟩| +3
|⟨ A Y U H A ⟩|

AHHHH BEAUTIFUL NEW CHARACTERSIII! HAVE A New Husband🐥💖✨😭💓😍💖 Your GCMV loves you forever

Evan Afton +7
Evan Afton

I have no words for this masterpiece. I literally watch this everyday it's so great


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