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    SUMMER 2024. #HOTDS2
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@StreamOnMax +631

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@sagarshah3993 +30

" There is no war so hateful to the gods as a war between kin , and no war so bloody as a war between dragons " absolute chills 🥶🥶🥶

@shapesnatch1341 +1

This show loves reminding us how truely gargantuant Vhagar is

@yojlemsaidolem +482

I can’t wait to see the Red Queen flying giving Sunfyre and Aegon the fight of their lives.

@shreyalove715 +47


@homolamb +818

If the second season is as good as the first one then we will be in for a ride, so freaking excited!

@davidpeterson5647 +95

The first season of HOTD had a rather slow start, but eventually locked in a solid premise and expanded on it. Paddy Considine's last episode made me cry for how similar I witnessed someone's passing in real life. It never leaves you. It changes you. You never know if it's for the better, and you can only hope or pray it does.

@Divine_Chareka +11

I'm emotionally unprepared for season 2, the story only gets crazy from this point.

@enessagban8875 +145

The Original GOT has been powerful story and good processing. And now as additional, HOD has more action, more dragon scene. I'm very excited.

@The_GenXennial +408

Emma did an amazing job. Unfortunately the showrunners really didn’t let her spread her acting wings till towards the end of last season. By the looks of it, she is getting the opportunity now. Just the raw emotion she can display without using a single word.

@bagthebird7610 +53

What i rlly like is that even tho we know how this ends, it still feels fresh and new, thats not something executed in shows nowadays

@user-si2bn6wu6w +90

I hope they turn this into an anthology series, featuring all the major Targaryen events: Dance of the Dragons, Blackfyre rebellion, Doom of Valyria, Aegon's Conquest and Robert's rebellion. They wouldn't even have to make a new series, this one's already named, "House of the Dragon"!!

@spikeyfied +23

I wish Game of Thrones had an Ending half as worthy as House of the Dragon. Had my doubts before the show started but THIS is so mich better than everything we got in Season 6 to 8. Heck this is even better than Rings of Power ever will be. Good Job everyone at HBO.

@jimmy0011 +6

this is literally the definition of a tragedy you know the outcome you hate the outcome but yet you can't help but to watch.

@TheIreneRoses +44

I am so excited!! The shots of Heleana 🥺 cant wait to watch this tragic story unfold

@desean3402 +11

If this entire series came out tonight I wouldn’t go to work tomorrow

@LondonsFrost +5

Aegon's smug/menacing walk to the Iron throne.. his reign is a breif but powerful one.

14 дней назад
@happilyevernever4289 +7


@colebrock596 +140

As someone who read Fire & Blood about 5 years before the show came out I was very impressed with season 1. Basically all the characters seemed true to the text with many added nuances. Knowing what happens in season 2 I expect it to be incredible. The battles and events that take place will make for excellent drama

@bloodraven6581 +2

The sheer size of vhagar is terrifying. I can't wait till summer!


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