Destiny Episode 8

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    Destiny - Elkizi EnglishDestiny - Elkizi English
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    Destiny Episode 8 (Elkizi English Subtitles)
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    With Zelha's arrival, all bets are off. Ezo's life competely changes. Her mother whom she thought was dead is actually alive. She gets her mother back but not everything is what she hoped for. Who hid her mother all these years? Meanwhile Selcuk tries calm the storm within him for the woman he loves. On the other hand he went after the ones who did this to Zeliha. Cavidan, realizing the she's being circled, makes a dangerous decision to drive away the suspicion on her. At the same time Nermin's dealing with another threat, Cemal! Their lives are turned upside down because of a big crime involving Harun too. While, Songul becomes the greatest supporter to Ali. But Ali's mind is on Ezo. He won't keep his silence anymore so he tells everything to Ezo. It's a shock for Ezo. Harun, whose life is ruined, takes another blow from Ezo. Everything is in chaos now. Between all these emotional disasters, Ezo makes decicive decisions about her life and feelings.
    When the ship started to sink, they threw out "Destiny" first..
    We were a happy family. Mom was really important to dad. My grandma viewed her as her own daughter. She was so dear to the family. Then öne day my father loved another woman. That woman and her child became the new family and my mother a stranger. When the ship started to sink they threw out mom first.
    They say girls live their mother's destiny. But there's something they don't know. I got my destiny from my mother and my blood from my father. I won't sacrifice myself like my mother.
    What was that song again? "The griddle on the wall, the stranger's daughter"
    If they call me the stranger's daughter, if my name is in old folk songs, then I have to live up to it.
    I'll burn down that ship that they threw me out...
    Genre: Drama
    Production: NTC Media
    Producer: Mehmet Yigit Alp
    Director: Feride Kaytan
    Script: Hilal Yildiz
    Cast: Sevda Erginci, Ismail Ege Sasmaz, Perihan Savas, Munir Can Cindoruk, Sedef Avci, Toprak Saglam, Firat Dogruloglu, Cagla Simsek, Macit Koper
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Jeanette Dias +55
Jeanette Dias

Love d way Ali looks at ezo with so much love n affection. Even though he's suffering within himself.

Shxh Fxth +30
Shxh Fxth

Finally Ali expressed his feelings for ezo🔥

Priyata Das +5
Priyata Das

I'm too much obsessed with this drama cause the story exactly matches with my story I can relate every bit of a sec of this drama especially with Ezo i also lost my mother on my birthday here ezo gets back her mother in her life but i can't so obvious cause that is the difference between reel and real life I'm also in two phase of my relationship one is like Ali absolutely good at all whom I know scince 5 years we were in love almost years suddenly now there is always some kind of misunderstanding happen between us like Ezo and Ali and the other one like harun who has come in my life all of a sudden i have no idea why or how! I know he is not worthy for me at all but maybe that is called fate which is pulling me over I don't understand how to handle the situation I'm confused a lot exactly like ezo i don't know with whom I'm going to end my life with but for me the drama is teaching me a lot how to survive with a broken heart I can't hold my tears when I see Ezo and her mother together I'm going to remember this in my whole life that's why I'm collecting the relatable scene with Ezo and mine from this drama and I'm going to keep all the pictures on my diary which I got from this episode and this is gonna be my most favourable and secret thing in my entire life

Wafa Saqib +16
Wafa Saqib

I feel so bad for ezo and Ali. The way ali confessed his love for ezo was everything 😭😍❤️. I don’t want songul to get in between them

Kauna Pawa +3
Kauna Pawa

If Ezo doesn't want Ali ...I'm willing to take him😂😂

Hyacinth DeLisser +29
Hyacinth DeLisser

Bless you for the subtitles. Can't wait for the next intriguing and eventful episodes. Excllent series so far. Hope the misunderstandings that Ali and Ezo are experiencing will be resolved with results of Cavidan's plan to exit Ezo's mom which has seemingly backfired, not to mention Cemal's murder!! Interesting times ahead. Wow!!!,

Rokeya Sultana +8
Rokeya Sultana

The way ali express his feeling to ezo i never saw or hear this is so..... heart touching dialogue..... Oh how cute... I just love it😘😘😘😘

Monie Njeri +46
Monie Njeri

Who else don't like the name Harun's bro being called mert(dead)

Miriam Powers +40
Miriam Powers

I have waited my whole life for this series 😄😂

Ksenia Koss +1
Ksenia Koss

i love a moment where Ali says to her that he love to her so very a much. this is a beautiful

Julie Patel +2
Julie Patel

Finally he confess his love..but girls always fall for those boys who easily express their feeling ..

Miriam Jabula +9
Miriam Jabula

Thank you for this episode, much love from Liberia 🇱🇷. I feel sorry for Ali, for a moment I thought Ezo’s mum was just pretending to forget things, the scene where she recognized Ezo.. maybe she knows what she’s doing.

Melisa Fantastic series ❤❤ Walpole +7
Melisa Fantastic series ❤❤ Walpole

Im loving this series, thanks so much ❤

Shanice Peter +24
Shanice Peter

I'm even slowly loving the language much love from SA

Sneigdha Waghmare +6
Sneigdha Waghmare

Finally finally he spoke thank you finally making this happen

Wil +19

Although Harun is more handsome but I am still rooting for the Turkish 'Lee Pace'. Hope Ali gets the girl he wants in the end even if Ezo is undeserving of him. Wow, they made more murderers in this episode.


Thank you so much for the subtitles,,,the series is so amazing

جزائرية Algerian +6
جزائرية Algerian

I got addicted to this series,it's so cute😍

Hua Wei +5
Hua Wei

My lord how many times i have to thank the director😊😊

Shelby shu qi +11
Shelby shu qi

The scene bet ali and ezo on the tree house is very brautiful...ali is a very good actor and so is ezo❤🧡💛💚


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