100 one sentence kpop opinions

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    icb i made 100 of these bitches
    also, tysm for 100 subs! it may not seem alot but i've never been in a room with more than 20 people so that's plenty enough for me
    consider this as a 100 sub special ig idk
    stayc - asap inst. by tsuri noki
    taeyeon - weekend inst. by Hartian Junaiwan
    wjsn - unnatural inst. by WONNIE THE WORLD
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valerie +3

the IU is overrated one is where you lost me. girl is one of the best vocalists, writes and composes her own music as well as is involved in every part of the creative process... she's honestly beyond kpop at this point. Not to mention she's one of the few actually good idol-actress

mads_ +2

everyone is so quick to jump on the txt hate train but you cant deny that they have some of the most original concepts and consistently put out good music, with tons of achievements to back it up. Not to mention that all of them are quite literally all rounders.

bUrRiTo +1

"if there's one thing k pop stans like, that's watching other peoples opinions and labeling it as wrong if they disagree" gurl that's society as a whole

SOPH 。 +1

i think that most people don’t understand that bts will never go back to their hyyh era simply because it represented a part of their life that is finished. that era is not about the “aesthetic” or anything like that, it’s about all the struggles they had to go through and that they shared with music and that they’ve now moved on from. their music reflects themselves and they are not the guys from 2015 anymore.

crystxlchxrry +1

the dreamcatcher one is true, but they are pure art and they truly don't care about making it into the charts

whOOk whOOk shOOg shOOg shOOg +2
whOOk whOOk shOOg shOOg shOOg

PNation does almost everything right, staff is nice, good staff treatment, good artist/trainee treatment. But the music is just absolute a*s.

WHAT naruel WHAT keweo WHAT ije +679
WHAT naruel WHAT keweo WHAT ije

I'm literally crying because it's kinda true that dreamcatcher may never be big because of their genre but that's what make them so unique

Navelyn Moses +649
Navelyn Moses

"No one is more obsessed with BTS than non-ARMYs " I literally screamed "YESSS!" for this one.This is so true istg.

mónica +675

skz doesn't need to switch it up, they are getting bigger and bigger and the fandom likes their music !

linolvskz +247

skz don't need to switch it up, it's their music style, they will not change it, just listen to their bsides not only tittle tracks, you'll see their diversity, like the whole noeasy album go from heavy rap like domino to soft ballads like secret secret and gone away, chill songs like surfin' and star lost, and masterpieces like silent cry

Sky Melline +540
Sky Melline

SVT really does make the most comforting and genuine songs out there and that's why I love them so much. Even if some lyrics are a little obscure every now and then, there's so many lovely messages behind their songs. You can really feel how much thought/feeling/passion/love they put into all of their songs and it's honestly amazing

spiracious +207

"stop treating idols as gods"idk why i cracked up so much 💀💀

Narcissistic, my god I love it +568
Narcissistic, my god I love it

i disagree with some but agree with most of them, i respect your opinion and everyone else should too and also you just earned a new sub :)

r-n +405

Idk about ateez being like other bgs bc if you actually get into them they're very distinguishable and idiosyncratic. They're extremely diverse and aren't hesitant from trying various genres. Not only their title tracks are amazing but a lot of their bsides are even capable of being TTs. Sure you might not like a few songs (or even a whole album) but that doens't mean that they've become generic bc if they did, then I'd like to see every 4th gen group do what ateez could. No one else is doing this whole pirate concept like them and what more, their stage presence and vocals is unmatched. They have these terrific choreographies and yet manage to pull them off and simultaneously sing live perfectly. Sure for some people who have encountered mvs that belong to big companies, visually ateez's mvs might not be as luxurious and extravagant with a bunch of effects and extremely expensive sets like other groups (i assume it's bc they strictly stick to their storyline so only relevant things are there in the mvs) but no other bg in 4th gen can pull off things like ateez does. In fact it's indeed very shocking that they came from a nugu company but they've grown so much and if kpop stans are willing to actually look into a group that comes from a nobody company, then the group has to be far from ‘similar like other bgs’. Also it's very difficult in an industry like kpop which is dominated by the big3 + hybe to grow so immensely in just three years. Ateez has been invited by Psy for immortal songs, they've done a collab with Kim Jongkook and many industry seniors have acknowledged their presence and talent. Today Jongho (their maknae) is sitting with some of the greatest kpop artists and his vocal capabilities can rival many seniors too. They've won on immortal songs three times and they're only 3 years into the industry. I don't see any other bg do this stuff. And if you wash it down to the discography, ateez has it ALL. You name a genre and they definitely have at least one song. Some RELEVANT bgs (not talking about nugu bgs) only have loud music which I'm using as an umbrella term for noise, edm, hip hop, etc (including only a few soft songs), or they only have soft music but rarely any loud music and so on. The last thing y'all should be doing is grouping ateez with other artists.

T. B. +547
T. B.

People who complain about some kpop songs being "noise music" never listened to anything than basic pop.

ch3rry bl0ss0ms +311
ch3rry bl0ss0ms

I agreed with majority of these opinions, and txt being mentioned made my day cause personally as a moa, I do think they have some amazing music and I literally listen to 0x1=lovesong like everyday lol. Also the one about non-army’s being more obsessed with bts than actual army’s had me laughing cause that felt so true 😂

LiveBreatheNightcore +283

i seriously can’t wait for jypn to debut, they have shown so much ability already and we don’t even know all of the members yet

in way too many fandoms +149
in way too many fandoms

"Big 3 privilege is there for a reason. You really think they just pick a random man and debut them?" this!!

Hudaaa Diniii +359
Hudaaa Diniii

Mine : kpop mv streaming are getting toxic, I understand idols work so hard for it but watching mv are supposed to be enjoyable...when a fandom told you "we must get 90million within an hour", now it becomes an unnecessary duty...you don't atcually enjoy it anymore.

yeris british accent +272
yeris british accent

"bts will never go back to their hyyh days" is most likely very true, but the hyyh era was kind of an era about 'coming of age' and was where most of the members were in their adolescence/early adulthood. it wouldnt make sense for bts to go back to a concept based around their teenage years when they are all adults currently.


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