SURVIVING A BLIZZARD IN A CAR! | Crazy Snowstorm Winter Car Camping in the Mountains

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    Tale of Two TravelersTale of Two Travelers
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    Powerful early season snowstorm covers the Cascades in over a foot of snow! Watch us brave the powerful winds and cold on this mountain adventure!
    In this video, we drive up to the mountains through heavy snowfall, chain up, and find an amazing place to spend this winter night in a blizzard.
    We post videos each week following our travels into the wilderness. We love camping, cooking, and exploring the vast wilderness of North America!
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SugaMama Jackson +137
SugaMama Jackson

This is so romantic to be snowed in together. I love snow and windy weather

Edster III +82
Edster III

Those air shots were absolutely incredible. The beautiful landscapes you showed were so beautiful. The clean snow on those trees, you could see and feel the chill but also the sense of beauty your smack in the middle of. The morning looked so calm and serene compared to the previous night. The crazy winds, the wind chills had to be fierce. I've been in -50° wind chills and it BURNS the skin. When it's snowing and the wind is that harsh, it's like little pieces of glass pelting your face. That blanket looked so cozy and comfy. I love fuzzy, fluffy, or poofy comforters. Wrap up like a cocoon with only your eyes peeking out occasionally. GREAT VIDEO!

saxmanzzz +53

I loved this vid ! Cooking on a stove whilst standing in a snowstorm was insane - even watching it made me feel the cold. Great photography. Appreciate the effort you went to take the camera out into the cold.

Shandele Broyles +23
Shandele Broyles

My 31 year old son is that way about snow. If he knows it's supposed to snow he will get up all through the night and go look out the door. He's done this since he was really little.

Annie Jones +56
Annie Jones

How romantic it looks snuggled up in a truck with deep snow outside.......reality is harsher. Laughter and smiles are the cheering warmth . Love you both

Kent K +31
Kent K

Amazing drone landscape shots! Incredible! Though you looked miserable at times, it looked like a great experience. Made me wish I was doing it. Where was that?! That was quite an early November snowstorm.

TerryX2Explore +20

Hey Guys!! We have been following your adventures for awhile so we thought we would introduce ourselves. We love meeting fellow Youtubers and explorers. We are from WI but will be going full-time in a tent in about 16 months. Cannot wait to explore the PNW... I am not a big fan of winter camping but you guys make it look fun! We enjoy your adventures and are looking forward to more! ~ Terry and Terry

Oy Vey +33
Oy Vey

Winter content is great. Somehow you were able to pass the feeling of cold when you outside of the car and feeling of comfort and warmth when you inside.

Robert Dougherty +48
Robert Dougherty

Good job guys! A winter camping video with actual snow, for once🌹!

Russell Fleming +9
Russell Fleming

Fun vlog you two! Very entertaining! Best of luck with your travels, and I hope to see many more! 😀

kiko fabia +24
kiko fabia

Being raised in a tropical country i always wonder what is the texture of the snow

adaviola1 +4

Que experiência notável! Adoro o frio!

Mary Susa +11
Mary Susa

Love winter content, keep it coming!

Naflah +12

i loved the feels you bring when you guys outside at that snowy and windy. it kinda i feel what you guys feel☕❄

Jim Seibert +23
Jim Seibert

Love the winter videos :) hope more are to come! Stay safe and warm lol

Toni Means +9
Toni Means

Made me shiver when you were cooking those burgers!🥶 But, I see why it was worth it...with the new blanket and then the clear & calm morning in it's spectacular splendor. I really enjoy your adventures! I vote for more!!!✌💞


From an old Italian winter camper: buy cellophane flowers and put it around all the windows, in a single sheet. The cellophane glues itself on the glass and creates a gap, preventing the wind and snow from becoming ice, it also has a slight ability to prevent the cold from entering. Furthermore, if you go around the vehicle with a single sheet, also close the slots of the door and tailgate seals, greatly reducing the thermal bridge. If you have even synthetic blankets, if you put them on the roof before turning the cellophane, you can block them with the sheet. With the snow that rests on the blankets an insulation is formed, under the snow there is usually zero degrees, but the blanket can increase the heat a lot, because it keeps what comes from inside. In the morning, roll up the cellophane and you can reuse it very well. If you want you can also lay the sheet on the tire tracks, so that the next day you just have to lift them to remove all the snow of the night. Finally, if it's really cold, use cellophane to cover the tires and the air under the car. allows for less heat exchange. You could also choose colored cellophane to allow you to show your car better or, on the contrary, to mask it. - - - - - sensitive topic, I in the camper have, under the driver's seat, this accessory connected to a 3-liter bottle, because, as happened to you, there are situations in which you cannot go to the toilet or you cannot go out, and the tube is long enough for the lady next door to use it.

PV96 Mexico +9
PV96 Mexico

How fun! Love to camp in the snow!

don vanlandingham +462
don vanlandingham

No matter WHAT the weather, all these travel channels seem to obsessed with COOKING something!

drae408 +3

Man, that looks cool to be there in all that snow.


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