I'm not blind, She is! 360° || Meme Gacha club || 360° video || [read description]

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    Alvira NiraAlvira Nira
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    this video is just a fiction story (not real) which is a fantasy story, and just following trends, so please don't take it seriously 😅
    • ibis paint x
    • Cap cut
    - audio used:
    First : ruplayers.com/tools/4IKvs8OraWanfKM/video.html
    Second : ??? (Pls help me to find it)
    Third : ruplayers.com/tools/xZh9pdyYrXKXoGw/video.html
    Or ruplayers.com/tools/lmqntK-2mZ6HaZ8/video.html
    - Original meme:
    ??? (Idk)
    - Inspiration:
    - This video but normal version:
    - Don't copy/reupload my videos
    - Don't copy my style
    - Don't copy my oc
    - If you want to be inspired by my video, don't forget to include credit in the description
    - I don't allow taking inspiration from my content (360° video version) even if it's inspired, please don't copy my video style, and give credit, especially don't make it the main content when you see my video, because it looks like you're copying me 😕
    - This is just a fictional story, and just following trends, so please don't take it seriously
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Little kimmy +18
Little kimmy

I know this trend is hot but… IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. It’s kinda like parent @bu$3 but it’s insulting blind people… so anyone make a way to stop this…. And no no. I’m not hating on it I just feel bad for people that are blind.

Toadstool.. +184

The parents in all of these are seriously blinder than the kid that’s actually blind, Adrien and Dora mixed together 🤦

Год назад
【Starrxii Chan】 +145
【Starrxii Chan】


Год назад
Drëamîn Jxè +781
Drëamîn Jxè

When you don't have VR and watch this: 😵😵😵

Год назад
Ray Ray +12
Ray Ray

I met a half-blind person today and I’m not even kidding their eye was whiteish blue it was so pretty

Год назад
jeniene +878

Everyone else:watches like a normal human

Год назад
『Blimy』# WeLoveYouSulli💜 #TeamWEAS +39
『Blimy』# WeLoveYouSulli💜 #TeamWEAS

Amazing :)

Год назад
Pilar videla +1
Pilar videla

Woow el modo 360 esta hermoso :D (woow the mode of 360 its soooo pretty :D)

Год назад
Gatita 444 +41
Gatita 444

Fun fact: blind people don’t have pupils so all of them are actually blind

Год назад
_Sky_kitty_ +2

This is so cool! And love characters and story

Год назад
Study date💌🥐 +243
Study date💌🥐

Imagine the mom cheated on the dad and just made the excuse that he's blind bc none of them have grey eyes🗿

Год назад
MusheeChan +1

Me in the ending talking to the mean mom shaking my screen:

Vanesa Ontivero +1
Vanesa Ontivero

Que genial se ve

Год назад
LyricAlamity +660

Everyone: Saying how sad it is

Год назад
☆ Ghostie!San. ♪ +1
☆ Ghostie!San. ♪

This is so cool!

Год назад
Alvira Nira +926
Alvira Nira

Hi guys, can you help me find the song in this section

Год назад
☆Avi_Korn_official☆ +1

This is such a Beautiful Video. Keep on the good work✨🎉

Addi and Davee’s World +1
Addi and Davee’s World

I like how you can move your device to explore the video!!

21 час назад
Chris x Lynn
Chris x Lynn

Now I know what it feels like living in Gacha moving 1 frame per second

Год назад
•Gacha MaVey• +19
•Gacha MaVey•

Pov: Your watching someone life as an god

Год назад





ILikeFnafLol :]

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