When a physics teacher knows his stuff !!

Unknown +29

This dude needs an award for worlds best teacher and he actually teaches

JAG +1

Taking the phrase "practice what you preach" to a literal meaning this dude has balls and conviction in what he teaches hats off to him

Emmit Scully +842
Emmit Scully

I had a physics teacher similar to this my junior year. He always presented everything we were learning in a tangible way with real application. Looking back it was my favorite course.

Ste +186

I remember watching this exactly 10 years ago and being amazed by it, I tried the experiment in an empty classroom. 10 years later physics still fascinates me!

28 дней назад
LoveMutz +411

More teachers should utilise his learning skills! He's done an immaculate job 🫶🏽

Laurence Canty +132
Laurence Canty

I miss his lectures so much!!! They were posted here on YouTube for a while. I’m not sure if they are anymore, but he is one of the reasons I love physics!

Soe Lemon +4
Soe Lemon

Even knowing the results, my heart was still beating fast when he released the ball

♥ 𝓓𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 ♥ +196
♥ 𝓓𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 ♥

My father was actually at this class. He says that he was a great guy, really smart and was really shocking with his performance. My dad says he was scared to death and almost left the room.

Ahmed En-nia +101
Ahmed En-nia

We want more than this honorable teacher, the theory and the practice in the mean time, learning for the students will be a real pleasure, thank you Sir.

3funcar +109

I can learn more from this dude than my actually physics teacher 😂😂😂

Aditya Dwivedi +29
Aditya Dwivedi

i never took a interest in physics but this dude made me understand the basics of converting gravitational potential to kinetic enegry. huge respect

Elizabeth Langford +52
Elizabeth Langford

For once, a teacher got my undivided attention on a subject that bored me in high school and college. I would have loved to have you as my science teacher. You kept my interest. Thank you very much.

Josef Richter +9
Josef Richter

Kudos to this man for going out of his way to present something that his students will remember for the rest of their lives.

John George +28
John George

I had, and experienced, this same experiment in a high school physics class in 1959 as we studied pendulum motion. The teacher of that class was a PhD physicist taking a two year sabbatical from a national lab. His demonstration also included a lesson in the difference between what we say and what we believe. Each of us sat on a high stool as a shotput suspended from the high ceiling by a cable was brought up to within an inch or two of our nose. He asked each of us, "Do you know the laws of pendulum motion." Our response was of course "Yes." Then just as he released the shotput he said, "Know we will see if you believe them." Most, but not all sat still as that eight pounds of lead rocketed back towards our noses. Only a few ducked away a the last second. That was 63 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sadly, today that teacher would not be able to do that experiment (or any of the other amazing things he did in that classroom.) The lessons are to structured, preprogramed, and rigid for creative teachers to inspire the young minds and imaginations of their students. Plus the specter of liability would be the death of any imaginative and creative teaching.

Susan Coleman +40
Susan Coleman

I took my one & only physics course in college (beginner level re: sound waves.) Had a great professor & I did well in his class. I liked it so much that I encouraged my son to try it in HS. He now has a PhD in physics.

Graham Smith +71
Graham Smith

This guy is a real teacher, he's willing to take a hit on the chin for his students' education.

capitaloftexas +49

I feel like I’ve learned more about physics from this video than when I wrote a whole essay on how it works back in middle school

Resm +5

We all wish we had a teacher who can teach stuff that we will all remember for the rest of our lifes. This is truly the best teacher you would ever find.

allsickcjj +2

i took physics my junior year, passed with a 70 forgot everything, yet somehow the way this dude just taught this it made everything flood my mind again i was literally finishing the dudes sentences for him, i wish all my teachers could be this easy to follow

rotorcraft621 +18

A teacher all the kids love. You can see it in their intent looks while he was keeping them fascinated in the subject. Well done!


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