Grand Design A/C Modification

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    Save money and reduce noise in your RV! With ~$30 of materials you can make SAFE modifications to your AC units to increase the cooling power throughout your rig. There are "professional" systems out there that sell for over $150 each, but an hour of time you can install this and beat the heat.
    Parts needed:
    Screw driver (phillips or square head)
    (2) 1 inch 2'x2' project foam board (~$5 each)
    (1) Roll of HVAC Tape (~$23)
    - a way to cut the foam board (we used a jig saw)

Richard Dohn +2
Richard Dohn

Great video I followed your instructions and the mod went great. I also foil taped everything for a tight seal. HUGE difference in my air flow especially the bedroom. One added note: I offset the diffuser TEPEE by 1" off center to favor the bedroom and this worked great. Thanks again!

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Bob Casteel +7
Bob Casteel

I’ve been a licensed HVAC Contractor for 34 years and you nailed it! The first 2 pieces are called the throat of an elbow that you ultimately created. Great job!!!!!!!

Год назад
Steve Hodges +7
Steve Hodges

Excellent resource! I bought the materials and followed along and with the video and it was a simple and straightforward modification. The unit is "somewhat quieter" but noise was not my primary motivation. The air flow from the vents is AT LEAST TWICE AS FORCEFUL as it was before the mod, especially in the bath and bedroom which are farthest from the AC unit. I hoped for improvement but this exceeded my expectations and will be a huge asset in the Texas heat!

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Chasing Sunsets +2
Chasing Sunsets

I did this over 2 years ago, used foil tape to seal everything. What a difference it makes. this is such an easy modification and for around 30 dollars did both ACs in the unit, much cooler and a lot less noise

Keith Noordzy +2
Keith Noordzy

I was doubtful that this was going to give the results that I was hearing. I’m a believer now. First of all, you made it so easy to follow. You even measured it for me. I’m impressed with the increased air flow.

Greg Cremer +2
Greg Cremer

Really nice video. Thanks so much! 2 questions: 1) How wide was the tape you used? Looks like 2" but want to be sure. 2) What was the wire that was hanging down from the return air plenum? Thanks, and keep on keeping on!

Sea Iris +4
Sea Iris

Great vid. Thanks for posting. I noticed a 1/2" gap between the blower fan and the coil duct. I adjusted it to be as close as possible without rubbing. That alone increases airflow and efficiency.

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Wegotflames +4

Thanks Y’all!! Will def be doing this to our rig. I was contemplating buying the “RV Airflow System” jig, but after seeing this, ill save myself $150 and DIY it!

Ruth Edwards +3
Ruth Edwards

Thank you so much for this video. We did this over the weekend and what a difference! Quieter and so much more force of air.

David Inouye +3
David Inouye

Thanks guys! Just completed the first unit and what an incredible difference it made! You guys rock, thanks for sharing!

Год назад
hammer r +1
hammer r

Great video. We just bought an RV with one AC. Can’t wait to do the mod to make it more efficient. Sure cheaper than the ones you can buy for over $100. This is doable and a fun project.

Corey & Angie Crawford +2
Corey & Angie Crawford

This was a great mod. Had the same issue. We could barely hear the TV as the unit is in the middle of the room. Just finished and it's amazing!!! Keep it up! We are full time and my wife is a travel nurse. So we love all kinds of mods.

Год назад
Jeff Jost +2
Jeff Jost

Fantastic! I was just about to drop $180 for the professional version, but then came across your video. This will be my next project before the summer heat comes our way. Would you say it's worth checking all of the coach vents for leakage also and taping them?

Год назад
RV Scootin +3
RV Scootin

Excellent job of videography as well - Thanks! But you completely eliminated the Cold Air Dump feature of the cover when you do this. Granted you probably gain a lot of cooling thru the ducts, but the air dump is gone...

Год назад
Paul Sullins +3
Paul Sullins

I too wanted to compliment you on this wonderful mod video, but also to tell you that GD has come incorporated it into the 21 Imagine 2800BH I bought a few weeks ago. Well done!!

Год назад
Cowboy Stevo +1
Cowboy Stevo

GREAT idea! This is why I love YouTube... I had an idea of doing something like this, but no need to re-invent the wheel when someone else has done the leg work. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Год назад
NackDSP +3

So great. Thanks for posting. I wonder if it would help to use some foam rubber tape on the edges to get a good seal between the styrofoam and the steel case. I am definitely going to build one of these. I thought about making ducts with the 3D printer and then filling in around them with some spray foam. Your design looks very quick and easy to build.

Год назад
Stephen Wall +2
Stephen Wall

We just completed the mod on our living room A/C and what a difference it made! Thanks for the video and your clear, concise instructions. Great Job!!!

Год назад
Leah Jurek
Leah Jurek

Hey thank you so much for such a detailed video! I was wondering if it would be wise when doing the first unit to just make double of each piece when cutting so you are all ready when going to the second. It should all be the same right?

Год назад
Allen Lewis +2
Allen Lewis

Excellent work..One question, as far as the dump air option(Non Ducted), Is that now eliminated by this mod or does it still allow the air flow option?

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Kral sesler 🥇❤️✅🧿🍭

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Kral sesler 🥇❤️✅🧿🍭

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