Rabbits vs cats. Dogs, goats, ducks, amazing animals collection

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    Rabbits vs cats. Dogs, goats, ducks, amazing animals collection
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    Goats are the craziest, funniest and, strangely, some of the sweetest and most playful creatures around. How can anyone not like them? Oh yes -- the sheep footage here is golden. The times I've seen the interaction between goats and dogs, I was struck by the personality of the goats, and in the times I have seen goats playing with cats -- just priceless- both the cat and the goat seem to mysteriously get on the same wavelength and pal around as if they've known eachother forever
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Susan Kinsman +17
Susan Kinsman

Damn, who thought a rabbit could fight like that, or sound like that!😳😬😳

День назад
shuamba camilo +20
shuamba camilo

Eu não sei pq esse povo cria animais , pq gostam tanto de ver um animal agredido o outro , essas mordidas dói , deixa o animal estressado, se cria mais de um ensine a conviver bem , pq brincar é uma coisas brigar a ponto de machucar ,vesse já é maustrato, pq cria pra isso msm pra ser agressivo uns com outro. Isso não faz graça gente , é horrível de se ver.

День назад
Claudia Ferguson +38
Claudia Ferguson

I never knew rabbits are so aggressive! OMG! That poor cat didn't either!🤔

День назад
edictzero +26

Cat: we can't risk another frontal attack, that rabbit is dynamite!

День назад
James Knight +35
James Knight

I had a big brown rabbit and he was a trip but him and my dog was the best of friends.

День назад
фёдор игнатьев +12
фёдор игнатьев

Голубь, птица мира! Да мне похуй,мой гусь тоже против войны🤣

День назад
Geno Smith +10
Geno Smith

Yo that cat was gettn tore up by a rabbit..omg so funnu

День назад
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez +13
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez

You can end up going to jail because of that he needs to be watching the baby all the time

День назад
Malupe Padilla +10
Malupe Padilla

No imaginaba una fiera maligna con apariencia de bonito conejito. Que horror

День назад
Deborah Kelly +17
Deborah Kelly

I didn’t know rabbits 🐰 could be so aggressive. He went after that cat and chased him.

День назад
김나훈 +8

용감한 토끼 🐰 💕 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

День назад
Fred A +54
Fred A

Anyone who has ever owned a pet rabbit can tell you that rabbits are mean AF! Do not underestimate their cuteness.

День назад
ももちゃん +8


День назад
John Rodriguez +3
John Rodriguez

Owner didn't know bunnies and kitties are mortal enemies!!! 🤣👍❤️

День назад
T G +4

Little girl to dog: You bite me? I’ll bite you right back! 😂

День назад
фёдор игнатьев +3
фёдор игнатьев

Кролики, это не только ценный мех 🤣

День назад
Mahesh Gupta +3
Mahesh Gupta

I love animals and birds very much. In my rebirth i must be rich person to buy a farm house and live with pets and birds. Hope god will bless my dream come true.

День назад
El Capone Russo +1
El Capone Russo

That baby stashing candy under its stroller. Brilliant 👏

День назад
Лариса Шестакова +14
Лариса Шестакова

Кролик кошке спуска не даёт, видно достала его 🐇🐰😼

День назад
Maria del Carmen Guevara +1
Maria del Carmen Guevara

Que Buenaaa' Educación Le Esta Dando Ese Padre! Al Ladroncito Jr. Ya Lo Veo De Grnde' Que Lastima Dan.

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