1994 Eurovision Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan

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    Paul HarringtonPaul Harrington
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    1994 Eurovision Winner Rock'n'Roll Kids

Roberto +40

2022 and listening to this pure gem.

Denis +88

Might be Ireland's best winning entry of the 90's. There is something pure, honest about it. Authentic. And a beautiful song

Год назад
Joe Mulholland +8
Joe Mulholland

Timeless. Sitting in a pub in Dublin in 2022 and two girls in their 20s knew all the words when the group playing began singing the song. Brilliant!

Ryan Byrne +77
Ryan Byrne

Man, I remember my dad listening to this over and over when I was a kid. He was close friends with the Harrington's(mainly Paul's brother Derek). He was so proud of them for winning and used to play this for anyone who'd listen. Great memory. RIP Bob and Derek.

Год назад
Pretplati se +255
Pretplati se

What's interesting is, when I was the kid and listening to this song, it was ok. But now...it' special. Those two created something timeless...

8 лет назад
avril peters +12
avril peters

Pure perfection no big staging no special effects just two incredibly talented song writers singing a beautiful song, so glad we won with this song it was effortless and deserved the win

Alan G. +41
Alan G.

My favourite Irish Eurovision song. Still love it 25 years later. Overlooked becauce of riverdance. Especially love the authenticity of these guys.

3 года назад
Mike DeMan +13
Mike DeMan

Not only is this the greatest Eurovision song ever, it is an amazing ballad, one of the best, as beautiful and meaningful as it was all those years ago.

Год назад
James Ryan +2
James Ryan

That was a great year . And a fantastic song 🎵

José Madrigal Suárez +10
José Madrigal Suárez

Una de las canciones más bellas que han ganado Eurovisión. Grande Irlanda🍀

Год назад
Aisling Prendergast
Aisling Prendergast

A timeless classic song that never gets old still our best winning song without a doubt paul and Charlie are Eurovision legends 🇨🇮

19 часов назад
DarthCipient +329

I miss these days. No gimmicks required. A real song contest.

8 лет назад
shinnyr +28

I loved this song then and I still love it now. A true testament of a well written/composed/sung song.

9 лет назад
ChrischrosBelgium +125

One of the best songs ever. It has a special meaning for me too. Lost friendships, something very sad! People, do not let you friends slip away, little by little; Cherish them; Stop talking to them on a screen and go visit them and look them in their eyes when you talk to them. 

8 лет назад
Tommy S. Østby +100
Tommy S. Østby

My favorite Eurovision song ever!:-) Thank you so much Ireland, you deserved this victory so much, even though it was your 3rd in a row;-) Love from Norway

5 лет назад
Nicole Pohl +9
Nicole Pohl

A great song! I could listen to it a hundred times, it is never boring. Thank you for posting this video. Eurovision songs of today do not have this magic anymore....

11 лет назад
Bryan King +28
Bryan King

Absolutely beautiful song not just for the Eurovision but for all times and places. Truly emotive.

5 лет назад
Sprühsahne +7

I was 15 years old when the song won, three months before I visited Ireland the first time. I love Ireland and I still love this beautiful song! 🥰

Lisz +85

This was the best Eurovision year hands down

2 года назад
prowelsh56 +5

the best ever...maybe cos I am older and things change and this is a song about life...stunning lyrics and the simple instrumentals and musciality are just heart warming and so very special...love to all xxx


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