Encanto, Turning Red, Harley Quinn & Ladybug Couples Switch Up - DIY Paper Dolls & Crafts

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    Encanto Isabela,Turning Red Mei, Harley Quinn and Ladybug Marinette meet Encanto Camilo, Turning Red Tyler, Joker and Cat Noir Adrien. See them become parents. The video contains a tutorial how to make paper dolls.
    More paper dolls videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=laQuJ...
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    Paper crafts
    Music by Epidemic Sound

Scarlett Peterson +4
Scarlett Peterson

I love this video! :D

28 дней назад
Cherry squad♡ +14
Cherry squad♡

I just love your videos!

28 дней назад
Everything Bubba +9
Everything Bubba

we love these skits! we would love to make paper dolls asap!

21 день назад
Adela Padilla +1
Adela Padilla

El 4 me encantó

14 дней назад
Pika Pika +32
Pika Pika

How adorable! I love encanto and harley quinn!

Andressa Barros
Andressa Barros

Adorei também o míni Camilo

14 дней назад
Jose Rodel Paracuelles +12
Jose Rodel Paracuelles

1:Aiassa 2:Lojoiacar 3:Caililmn 4:Hayleyre

28 дней назад
Fidget sisterz +20
Fidget sisterz

This was amazing

28 дней назад
linda😁 +13

Love this😍😍

28 дней назад
Makar Makarov +1
Makar Makarov

Вау ты молодец 👏 а можно в видео с меня лайк и подписка

14 дней назад
Mely Yucra Viveros +10
Mely Yucra Viveros

They are all really beautiful, I liked the 4 although the 3 more

28 дней назад
Lea Digesu ' +1
Lea Digesu '

I love numbers 1;2 and 4

28 дней назад
aryapayment Co. +3
aryapayment Co.

I like 1&2&4 ✨👌🏻🌸

21 день назад

Marinette y Adrian son la pareja perfecta y nadie remplasa a marinette ni Isabela

28 дней назад
Angel’s Book Nook +15
Angel’s Book Nook

First time watching and I have to say this looks pretty good 👍

28 дней назад

Eu e a Mika gostamos da quatro e ela é e ela é Ela é minha minha criança deu cuidar😍😘

День назад
Nailah Jones +7
Nailah Jones

This is so amazing I do not know what to say 😍

21 день назад
Jaqueline Martinez +1
Jaqueline Martinez

Me gustó el 2 y el 4

28 дней назад
Barry Blakeney +4
Barry Blakeney

I love them All😍😍😍😍

Bernice J +6
Bernice J

I love them all😍😍

28 дней назад


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