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@wennew0 +74374

"It's not kidnapping, it's suprise adoption" *PHONK PLAYS*

2 месяца назад
@Bumblebee-ox7qr +1834


2 месяца назад
@baa769 +541

Underrated comment.

2 месяца назад
@Marki0294 +326

Makes sense

2 месяца назад
@ravenblademusic +164


2 месяца назад
@alexmaurice4274 +128

Mandalorian vibes

2 месяца назад
@rayano_ou1547 +456

"Srry i got to take a shit" *PHONK PLAYS*

4 дня назад
@JustANormalClive +2

This was not funny bro

День назад

​@@JustANormalCliveGo back to reading your newspaper

21 час назад
@singhji_437 +4

Comedy coming in 5 business days

19 часов назад
@Slippysalsa +1


13 часов назад

Rick Sanchez?

3 часа назад
@Fartaphobia_ +1071

"If you eat a whole cake without cutting it you technically had one piece." _Phonk plays_

8 дней назад
@josephsenger5287 +24

Mom: "only one piece!" Me:

4 дня назад
@HelloThere-cz9ti +19


4 дня назад
@MRBass6000 +12

*Luffy sweating profusely*

3 дня назад

Someone tell caseoh

3 дня назад
@stpnd19 +1

​@@HelloThere-cz9ti"Can we get much higher?" 🎶

2 дня назад
@kairosdoe386 +233754

"It's not a war crime if you had fun" *Phonk plays*

5 месяцев назад
@johnmarston8121 +5164

--Anakin Skywalker

5 месяцев назад
@GenStallion +1927

It's not one the first time.

5 месяцев назад
@otsdarvafoxxfyre5182 +1141

Warframe in a nutshell. That and Do you have epilepsy? Would you like to?

5 месяцев назад
@nurhaqim7159 +305

Big smile from Yamerica

5 месяцев назад
@dark_fury1595 +383

The nazis had a good reason for war crimes (phone music)

5 месяцев назад
@bobbyplayzyt986 +433

"It's not laziness, it's efficiency in energy preservation." *PHONK STARTS PLAYING*

7 дней назад
@josephsenger5287 +3

*has to do homework* me:

4 дня назад
@monkington9615 +65

"silica gel packets should be put on food" *PHONK PLAYS*

4 дня назад
@Zap_09 +15215

"It Isn't homicide if your homie Isn't by your side" *Intense Phonk*

3 месяца назад
@nigidoujunior4376 +84


3 месяца назад

@@nigidoujunior4376 XD

3 месяца назад
@jeweliusnelson6405 +99

I’m dead bro 😂💀

3 месяца назад
@dildo_destroyer-445 +1

"swiss miss instant piss" Phonk music

3 месяца назад

@@dildo_destroyer-445 “Phone music “

3 месяца назад
@shiza8509 +102

"Where is oil, there is freedom" *PHONK PLAYS*

8 дней назад
@hussainameenullah +2

You thought I'm gonna reply Kono dio da

День назад
@Gojo2334 +32

"Its school not shooting range" *Phonk plays insanely hard*

7 дней назад
@gracefulpumpkin2991 +2419

"You can't spell slaughter without laughter" *Phonk plays*

15 дней назад
@user-wc9rl6bo7s +15

Man I'm dead

12 дней назад
@holyelephantmg8838 +6

@@user-wc9rl6bo7sI would ask with laughter or literally, but I think the answer’s both

9 дней назад
@mrmeeseeks982 +1

Drawn together huh😂

9 дней назад
@seanadamz406 +1

That’s actually fire😂😂

8 дней назад

Very true my friend

8 дней назад
@RandomGuy-ri3zq +39

"You can't tame a monkey if you already are one of them." *PHONK PLAYS*

6 дней назад
@stickyGhoro_and_Desert_Gaming +23


8 дней назад
@ronttu1418 +3953

"it's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits" PHONK PLAYS

20 дней назад
@I.Love.Python +60

Fu@k nah bro got me crying😭, then dying on the floor💀, then meeting death☠️, then seeing Jesus💀🙏

12 дней назад
@henry8701 +26


11 дней назад
@user-vn4uf7mp8w +17

out of all the onesi read i laugh to death on this

11 дней назад

@@user-vn4uf7mp8wdid you shit today

11 дней назад

Fucking halores im dead 💀🤣😭😂😩😫💀🤣😭😂😩😫💀

11 дней назад
@shaadmalik1900 +60

"It's not kidnapping,it's a new house" *Phonk plays*

6 дней назад
@KingOfThePirates0 +199

“I adopted a dog named awesome, so now I’M FUCKING AWESOME” *PHONK PLAYS*

5 дней назад
@yallareblind4948 +7


4 дня назад
@user-js2dg4uq6b +10

I cracked up like an egg

2 дня назад
@gearfivemonkey +1

Poor Dog Got Fucked

2 дня назад
@amin1411 +5


День назад
@ZackGamesaLot +2

Wait what the fu-

День назад
@dinand28 +14814

"Everything before 10 is breakfast" *Phonk starts playing*

5 месяцев назад
@r.ordinary189 +142

This comment is perfect

5 месяцев назад
@Azrael_Rhinco +253

"The first meal of the Day is always Breakfast"

5 месяцев назад
@doubleutubefan5 +36

So does it count for tomorrow at 10:01?

5 месяцев назад
@Azrael_Rhinco +43

@@doubleutubefan5 for my definition the day ends at midnight, so if you have your first meal of the day on 11:55pm, then that's breakfast!

5 месяцев назад
@-.In.different.- +16

@@Azrael_Rhincoyou mean 23:55?

5 месяцев назад
@jellygopikamadhuri5084 +309

The song's name is BACK2BACK for anyone who is wondering. Now that's a lot of likes, thanks

8 дней назад
@MohC_Sgn +3

Thanks G

8 дней назад
@josephsenger5287 +1

Yeah thanks man!

4 дня назад
@sumoshi5752 +1

Holy cow after a year thanks

3 дня назад
@jellygopikamadhuri5084 +1

@@sumoshi5752 it my favorite song

3 дня назад
@Sinonen_Izumi +1


2 дня назад
@KushagraSinghc-- +16

Ayo the animation style hits so hard

7 дней назад
@RealNinjaBrick +11636

“I took a shit in the sink.” *Intense phonk plays*

4 месяца назад
@PraiseTheLordyourGodJesus +157

Matthew 5:27‭-‬30 Jesus says here, Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: but I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. Jesus didn't specifically say to rcut your hands, or plluck your eye out, Jesus way saying that if any thing that causes you to sin remove that out of your Jesus saves God bless.😊😊

4 месяца назад
@shlokwaghela9560 +281

​@@PraiseTheLordyourGodJesusI came in my pants

4 месяца назад
@Hindoshahr +21


4 месяца назад
@BritishIdiotFromEngland +33

​@@PraiseTheLordyourGodJesus AAACK I A DEVIL.... SOFT ACTUALLY MAKING SENSE EMGLISHHHHH AAAA HOLY SHIT *I a Christian so this isn't meant to be fucking offensive don't worry yall

4 месяца назад
@misterionorman9764 +15

Dang, that went hard 😢…

4 месяца назад
@Spicy-Beans +13

“It’s not arson if the orphans where cold” PHONK INTENSIFIES

8 дней назад
@winonajohnson3349 +7

The way these characters interact with the text around them is super satisfying.

7 дней назад
@mrac.. +8175

"I am wanted in 38 states for vehicular manslaughter" Phonk plays

4 месяца назад
@Yemyu_VR +36


4 месяца назад
@Sev3nLess +25


4 месяца назад
@tealraven6311 +49

and 12 more to go.

4 месяца назад
@s1016270706 +4

It ain’t underrated alright

4 месяца назад

Those Just stop Oil turds prolly deserved it...oops

4 месяца назад
@user-kv1vs2qn5k +12

“I dont believe in human rights” HIT HARDDDD

6 дней назад
@gino14 +8

"Civilians are just combatants who didn't enlist yet"

6 дней назад
@Cobra_Channel +1624

"Its not robbing if its already been purchased" *PHONK PLAYS*

10 дней назад
@joebrito3192 +30

It's not a robbery if I already claimed your stuff as mine PHONK PLAYS

7 дней назад
@Cobra_Channel +5

@@joebrito3192 LoL

7 дней назад

@@joebrito3192*OUR STUFF*

7 дней назад
@ronelgabriola1521 +4


6 дней назад

"AK comes before 47." *PHONK PLAYS*

5 дней назад
@Toastr_99 +5

It’s not arson, it’s cooking food in bulk PHONK PLAYS

4 дня назад

"Im laughing not smiling" *PHONK PLAYS*

6 дней назад
@Thatonepotatocreature +2419

“It’s not stealing if you don’t get caught” *PHONK INTENSIFIES*

Месяц назад
@greggerpegger +12

Marisa Kirisame

Месяц назад
@orangutan379 +4


Месяц назад
@aranyabhattacharyya3436 +7

What about permanently borrowing?

Месяц назад
@KitCatAnimationz +2


Месяц назад

No shit😂

10 дней назад
@mdlkpprophecy6341 +4

"one slice of pizza is half of it" PHONK PLAYS

6 дней назад
@Animators_Journey +3

“It’s not illegal if you do it right!” *PHONK INTENSIFIES*

6 дней назад
@riotes111 +2886

"Cannibalism solves both overpopulation and world hunger" PHONK PLAYS

2 месяца назад
@Sole_x_animations +63


2 месяца назад
@Toastymandias_ +42

this comment is my entire vibe 27/7 you are amazing.

2 месяца назад
@Dinoisnotabiscuit-ry1uz +19

​@@Toastymandias_bro do you even know what 27/7 is? First of all that ain't even a real word it's 24/7

2 месяца назад
@Toastymandias_ +14

@@Dinoisnotabiscuit-ry1uz holy shit, it took me 3 times to read that and reasilze my typo im a fucking idiot i meant to type 24/7, so sorry for the confusion 💀

2 месяца назад
@iamgroote122 +8

underrated comment

2 месяца назад
@fandomsquad8096 +5

“Banana’s are a vegetable” *PHONK PLAYS*

6 дней назад

"banana’s are just radioactive bombs that are ready to be digested by a human being” *PHONK INTENSIFIES*

6 дней назад
@islowadam +2

“I eat uranium” PHONK PLAYS

8 дней назад
@coderxgamer +3689

"It's not a hate crime if you loved doing it"

9 дней назад
@rockystudiogaming +42

That's... Understandable sir, have a good day. -Random officer

7 дней назад
@Platina_Leaf +7

Bruh…. What

7 дней назад
@mellodramaproductions +6

OH NO 😂😂😂

7 дней назад
@ThatoneMclarenfan +2

700th like

7 дней назад
@__anti402__ +1

I mean, you arent wrong

6 дней назад
@TrashB0t_101 +2

Beer makes me gain braincells ***PHONK PLAYS***

6 дней назад
@Jan0870 +4

"If I dont get sauce with my order, its their funeral." STARTS PLAYING INSANE PHONK

8 дней назад

Bros making some sauce

7 дней назад
@ScrimpleDimple +25422

“I committed 15 war crimes for some Percs” *Phonk music intensifies*

5 месяцев назад
@SomeKoffee +599

I stole your fuckin percs *Phonk music intensifies*

5 месяцев назад
@vhbgp7767 +375

​@@SomeKoffeeyou are gay now *Phonk music intensifies*

5 месяцев назад
@Darkraiwithlegs +235

I burned down an orphanage Phonk crescendos

5 месяцев назад
@KingLoki7620 +123

I was one of victims of the war crimes my father is missing *Phonk music intensifies*

5 месяцев назад
@SomeKoffee +83

​​@@vhbgp7767uno reverse card mf *Phonk music intensifies*

5 месяцев назад
@_The__Legend_ +2

“Women can’t complain unless they have finished the dishes” PHONK PLAYS

4 дня назад
@user-fr3tx9jh9q +2

“It is legal, if the cops aren’t there” PHONK PLAYS

3 дня назад
@jakermemes +1491

“If there’s no cashiers at the counter, it’s free” INTENSE PHONK PLAYS

17 дней назад
@Tyler-zb7nf +4


9 дней назад
@kayleyuta7072 +5

It would be funny if someone tried that at Walmart. 🤣🤣

9 дней назад
@I............. +1

I’m going to try that next time at apple

9 дней назад
@Mysty8288 +1


6 дней назад
@yuergenchristian +2

"What am I watching ?" *PHONK PLAYS*

7 дней назад
@tsulaagenati2292 +28269

This is exactly how my two brain cells discussed what phonk was after I learned who Dr.Livesey was

5 месяцев назад
@antisanity_ +200


5 месяцев назад
@TheWickedSir +78


5 месяцев назад
@rockystudiogaming +37

*d u h*

5 месяцев назад
@ByDav1Zz +13


5 месяцев назад
@xaosuntzu3264 +19

Dr who now?

5 месяцев назад
@Thevialationsquad +2

"Its not illegal to have kids in my basement, its free housing!" PHONK PLAYS

5 дней назад
@TyTheGuyonUnite +11380

"Even as a Vtuber, Heavenly is still unable to get a maiden" *PHONK MUSIC INTENSIFIES*

5 месяцев назад
@Maidenless1484 +273


5 месяцев назад
@Ballunboy +209

On bro 💀💀

5 месяцев назад
@HappyGuy01345 +105


5 месяцев назад
@Just_a_passing_by_doctor +78


5 месяцев назад
@MuchHappyWolf +116

Jesus, you killed him 💀

5 месяцев назад
@YourLocalCopiumDealer +2

"when milk goes bad it becomes cheese, so cheese is made by evil cows." PHONK PLAYS

4 дня назад
@mohld3786 +2

“As long as our thoughts expands, sometimes we deflate like a ballon” *PHONK*

20 часов назад
@baxabaxabaxabaxabaxabaxa +14700

badger is just collecting all the gym badges of animation and editing right now edit: so my comments are just so on the same wavelength as half of this community that i get 12k likes in 18 hours? pretty cool. keep em comin please

5 месяцев назад
@MrJakeros +168

He's got a serious challenge ahead of him in terms of being the "master" *cough* Max0r*

5 месяцев назад
@chargamr3554 +18


5 месяцев назад
@bubachubb +41

Wdum animation he uses body suits to track his motion, not animation

5 месяцев назад
@Venum64 +16

​@bubachubb what u on about in a video he said he used to to that but now he animates because it hurt too much to keep falling down

5 месяцев назад
@KingGamer-ww8nh +2


5 месяцев назад
@user-bz3is8up1j +2

''its not atomic bomb, its sunrise" *PHONK PLAYS*

8 дней назад

Bro what heeeeeeellllllll oh my godddd

5 дней назад
@thexercdszp +1

"its not kidnapping if the kids dont take a nap" *PHONK PLAYS*

5 дней назад
@kipie3906 +8536

"Remember don't kill yourself because that shit kills you" *Phonk plays*

4 месяца назад
@GreenGamer707 +65

Had me cracking up XDDD

4 месяца назад
@wak_as_ho +10


4 месяца назад
@CarterFootBum12 +7

@@wak_as_ho😐 indeed

4 месяца назад
@3broslove670 +8

@@CarterFootBum12😐 I Agree With You Bro

4 месяца назад
@Lightsaberrrrrrrrrrr +24

​@@3broslove670what he do

4 месяца назад
@kibbycaps +1

"It's not failing if you didn't do it" PHONK PLAYS

7 дней назад
@rockandroll547 +1

"Its not a war crime if I don't go to war first" *PHONK PLAYS*

5 дней назад
@keenanmcconnel2451 +5765

"I'm gonna shit yourself." *EPIC PHONK BEAT DROPS*

5 месяцев назад
@youtubescam7308 +96

That goes hard

5 месяцев назад

​@@youtubescam7308me on the toilet

5 месяцев назад
@AustinAndLucas +127

​@@scallywagwum2145why is you so mad Lil bro? 💀 Is Daddy not loving you enough?

5 месяцев назад

@@scallywagwum2145 what

5 месяцев назад
@dhariamagalig6392 +29

​@@scallywagwum2145bro its art like the video says

5 месяцев назад
@randomabsurdist665 +1

"it's not a terrorist attack it's self defense" PHONK MUSIC PLAYING

4 дня назад
@CamilaThais-io6sc +2

this went hard fr fr

7 дней назад
@Agent-472k +30973

"Remember kids, it's only illegal if you get caught." *PHONK MUSIC INTENSIGIES*

5 месяцев назад
@henonicks +223

Noise*. It's not music, it's noise.

5 месяцев назад
@iknorn9494 +236

God sends the most compelling propaganda to the craziest schizophrenics

5 месяцев назад
@javieracevedo2362 +61

Lol, intensigies 😂😂😂

5 месяцев назад
@Decade332 +25

This noise is to intensigies

5 месяцев назад
@naintikrawat8509 +16


5 месяцев назад
@313tenda +1

“Child labor I call that recess” Phonk plays

5 дней назад
@CHAOSKING04 +5159

"It isn't homicide without a homie by your side" *PHONK MUSIC INTENSIFIES*

4 месяца назад
@fakeFusionZGamer +66


4 месяца назад
@Zeno_d4 +34

💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️

4 месяца назад
@monicaarellano5 +9


4 месяца назад
@toprakdemirkol7547 +12


4 месяца назад
@aaronmata8033 +6


4 месяца назад
@joepham2010 +1

“I eat zebras” *PHONK PLAYS*

12 часов назад
@Nightwalker_xz105 +2

" I ate 5 homeless men because I thought they were watermelons." PHONK PLAYS

6 дней назад
@Envixity8074 +1


День назад
@imakira21 +12977

“My blood is a controlled substance in THIRTY-NINE STATES” *Insert Phonk music*

5 месяцев назад
@Azuraerae +154

Max0r w

5 месяцев назад
@frostwolf2175 +39

This isn't True Blood

5 месяцев назад
@aregulargamer9908 +227

"My blood gave a vampire second hand fetal alcohol syndrome."

5 месяцев назад
@PurpleJak3 +17

No that's not Phonk that Ponk

5 месяцев назад
@SkelewizardTheGreat +35

I GOT IT I tickle children’s pickles Insert phonk music MAMA HOW DID I GET SO MANY LIKES FOR SAYING SOME PEDO STUFF💀

5 месяцев назад
@sampaguita99 +1

“ a slippery step isn’t slippery if there is no slippers in it “ *PHONK PLAYS*

3 дня назад
@VoteOrDie99 +1

"Mao was right about the landlords" PHONK PLAYS

5 дней назад
@vegansaresus5793 +3796

"It isn't gay if its your homie" *PHONK PLAYS*

16 дней назад
@Unholy_Reaper +16


13 дней назад
@demonletsplays +27

It isn't gay if it's your clone😂

13 дней назад
@yeetUwU +6


12 дней назад
@ParrotPentester +13

I swear, there's going to be some phonk edit video that's actually serious and says "Gays have no rights" or something like that and there's going to be people in the comments agreeing with the person who said it

11 дней назад
@syrian_dugong +2

​@@ParrotPentester schizo rant

10 дней назад
@user-tq4my9nv6w +1

“If she can walk, she’s ready for the-“ *PHONK PLAYS*

8 дней назад
@gritscasserole +1064

"I'm going to fill your room with grains of rice." *Phonk music plays*

5 месяцев назад
@mrbub_notblob +6

The seams under the door, closet, in the window and dresser: "not round here, partner....not round here" 🗿🥂🧐

5 месяцев назад
@thatoneviewer +4

​@@mrbub_notblobhe won't give up till your room is full

5 месяцев назад

oh shit a hit comment

3 месяца назад


Месяц назад


23 дня назад
@Bingle_Bongle +1

Im not a serial killer if I dont have cereal PHONK PLAYS

2 дня назад
@sampaguita99 +1

“ pancake is a pancake with a cake on a pan” *PHONK PLAYS*

3 дня назад
@Rad_4983 +3011

"i f*cking hate myself" *Phonk music goes 100 volume*

5 месяцев назад
@ratstapler8501 +2

That is indeed the stupidest thought that could come to mind

5 месяцев назад
@loganplays42 +19


5 месяцев назад
@danielthe3rd367 +24

That's deep.

5 месяцев назад
@jesusmendoza297 +7

I really feel that

5 месяцев назад
@lamamadelamamadelamamama +4

I agree

5 месяцев назад
@thesquiddler +1

“It’s only a war crime if you lose.”

3 дня назад
@arozyigit +1

“It not kidnapping if the kid is not napping” PHONK PLAYS

3 дня назад
@drazoric2275 +5099

I didn't kill your parents, I merely made your backstory more compelling. *Phonk plays.*

5 месяцев назад
@TheMandaloreFett +82

Joe, chill.😂

5 месяцев назад
@ronit9141 +59

i killed a person with a knife *Phonk plays.*

5 месяцев назад
@The-GOAT-of-the-series +47

Dam batman isn't breaking his no kill policy he just simply not using it anymore.

5 месяцев назад
@Blynded +8

Ayoooo? Like this shit.

5 месяцев назад
@CturiX.IREALLY +21

"I didnt make you an orphan, i made you a superhero"

5 месяцев назад
@OzdarxPokeArk +1

“Milk is actually water” *PHONK PLAYS*

7 дней назад
@bratosincalala5759 +1

"If you eat music,can you beatbox?" *PHONK MUSIC*

16 часов назад
@ramirocuellar7441 +4843


5 месяцев назад
@user-so5nm9ii8k +20

No just no

5 месяцев назад
@AgentSSS +125

yes, just yes.

5 месяцев назад
@honooryu5374 +27


5 месяцев назад
@crackhead2734 +23


5 месяцев назад
@grimsladeleviathan3958 +38

* cool poses while phonk music builds up * Swaws * phonk beat drop *

5 месяцев назад
@thatbroken_tble5149 +1

"Those J's are fake asf" PHONK PLAYS

7 дней назад
@DAGG3R391 +2

"Did you know that atoms are billions of years old? And since we are made of atoms, we are billions of years old. So to answer your question officer yes she was old enough" Phonk

14 часов назад
@TheRandomCooker6834 +1787

"It's stealth if no one lives to tell about it" *INSANE BASS PHONK*

5 месяцев назад
@magmat0585 +13

That's not Phonk, that's just the Steiner Scout Squad walking towards you

5 месяцев назад
@Azrage +20

Ultimately, it makes no difference whether nobody saw you or only bodies saw you...

5 месяцев назад
@jesusdiazflores5328 +7

A fellow loud heister

5 месяцев назад
@flixical2624 +3

captain winters

5 месяцев назад
@ErickGameplaysN64 +4

Me playing RDR2 fr

5 месяцев назад
@ch33sie_123 +1

Well, I was just coming out here to pick up a cupcake and go all the way back home. PHONK PLAYS

7 дней назад
@cgmehta8264 +2

Im going to show this to my friends who don't understand Phonk 😅. Explained it better than i could have.

6 дней назад
@canschros +1585

"I'm not a human, I'm a bicycle." *PHONK INTENSIFIES EPICLY*

5 месяцев назад
@WTXtraYZ +8

I’m keeping that in the hall of fame. *Phonk*

5 месяцев назад
@dom2052 +1


5 месяцев назад

Jesus Christ this comment wants to kill myself

5 месяцев назад
@marymorgan4260 +2

“I’ve didn’t do taxes and I burned the evidence *PHONK MUSIC PLAYS*

5 месяцев назад
@nouvalikhsan9203 +1

"If my grand mother had wheels, she would have been a bike"

5 месяцев назад
@jiibaku +1

"The full moon is just an empty moon colored yellow" **PHONK PLAYS**

День назад
@Themanhimself000 +1

If she leaves you for another there's always her mother INTENSE PHONK

8 дней назад
@THE_Metal_Sonic1 +3438


5 месяцев назад
@didistone8482 +28


5 месяцев назад
@LifeOnTheGame +51

@@didistone8482 Art*

5 месяцев назад
@badzylla2072 +15

Best usage of phonk i've ever seen

5 месяцев назад
@shauryagabhane5828 +8

You mean "I got no Botchs" _phonk intensifies_

5 месяцев назад
@harriet5440 +8


5 месяцев назад
@AlternativeACC-uf7ln +1

“it's not war crime if a war didn't occurred” *intense phonk plays*

5 дней назад
@GavinM16 +2261

“You can’t spell manslaughter without laughter” *Phonk plays*

5 месяцев назад

True, it’s just mans.

5 месяцев назад
@bryanwestfox6520 +20

ooh, that's a classic

5 месяцев назад
@abominations-cool9 +13


5 месяцев назад
@Railroadboi +3


5 месяцев назад
@theoneandonlymr.l1719 +1


5 месяцев назад
@BZ_3333 +1

"PHONK" **Phonk plays**

8 дней назад
@TakoTheFox +1

It’s not a crime if you don’t get caught *PHONK PLAYS*

День назад
@danfletcher3255 +807

"Its not mass genocide, its stopping overpopulation" *PHONK PLAYS*

16 дней назад
@ejdergameng12 +13

Thanks to mao zedong stalin painter and leopold II

9 дней назад
@Jojobeananimates +9

Chara be like

9 дней назад
@FC-dr5gz +2

Eren approved

8 дней назад
@mateonieva8849 +1

Adam be like

8 дней назад
@Megolsky +1

@@JojobeananimatesNononono You understood chara wrong Chara is mad at the humans for locking the monsters up Then got insane And then wanted to kill both humans AND monsters Chara doesn’t want excuses It‘s just genocide

8 дней назад
@Kong_2024 +1

"I hate my life" *phonk plays*

7 часов назад
@LeviTaylor-qd6bd +2

Get to the back of the bus PHONK PLAYS

8 дней назад
@Hana1LuLu +1

Dude, the movements are so fantastic. The micro movements, the swaying and fidgeting, the changes in weight distribution ... Was this mapped from a live acted recording??

3 дня назад
@mariomemester1249 +1

"If your favorite color is 6, and your favorite animal is broccoli, then your ears are your belly button" *PHONK PLAYS*

3 дня назад
@sicklelkcis +3006

"It still counts as a stealth mission if you leave no witnesses" *Phonk plays*

4 месяца назад
@arandomperso4438 +17

Underrated, only 0 likes, first like.

4 месяца назад
@sansdean +21

You have a point...

4 месяца назад
@justamatchstick7535 +11

well, you know... a tree falls in a forest kinda thing....this is surprisingly deeper than i thought at first😅

4 месяца назад
@Ammiad +3

Actually how I play mgs

4 месяца назад
@ACAcarriAb +3

Splinter cell be like

4 месяца назад
@GabrielTheMagolorMain +1

"Wurstechesterchire" *Phonk plays*

6 дней назад
@JaneGrace-ye8ux +1

"Was is saw spelled backwards" *PHONK PLAYS*

6 дней назад
@Cinemaman321 +1

"2+2 is 22" *Phonk plays*

3 дня назад
@VKhalid. +1179

“a crime is only a crime if you get caught” *PHONK PLAYS*

26 дней назад
@SpocMrine +8

I hate the fact that your right

19 дней назад
@youknowimright1725 +2

That's actually kinda true so.....🤷🏻‍♀️

16 дней назад
@q2ts +2

Everything is legal until you get caugth.

16 дней назад
@zulkeflieabuhassan699 +1

My club teacher taught me that

15 дней назад
@stormistik +3636

“Children in the dark make mistakes, and mistakes in the dark make children” *PHONK ESCALATES* Edit: hmoly shiyt thats a lot of likes than usual wow tysm

4 месяца назад
@dammipiss4084 +59

Bto that is hard

4 месяца назад
@Bananaeeee-e-eeeeee +40


4 месяца назад
@mischievouslittlegoober +26

Since when did lil bro get access to internet😭🔥🔥 gotta put some 💧 on that burn 🗣️🗣️🙏🙏

4 месяца назад
@GamingwolfZJ +10

Same with the back seat in the car

4 месяца назад
@weirdguy1495 +14

This is so stupid that it warps around to genius.

4 месяца назад






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