The Poor Boy Who Invented The Most Luxurious Car in the World

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    Rolls-Royce is a true household name in engineering. A Rolls-Royce is one of the most successful luxury cars that money can buy. And with over 130 dealerships spread over 40 countries, the brand is known all around the globe. Kind of funny considering that it all started out with a poor kid that had a passion for innovation. When farm boy Henry Royce first started out tinkering with engines, nobody could have guessed he would one day create some of the most expensive cars in the world! And when he finally met his daredevil companion, history was truly made! Don’t miss this story!
    Henry Royce
    Charles Rolls
    A Poor Miller’s Son Invented The World's Most Expensive CAR | The Story of Rolls-Royce

Gavin Hudson +111
Gavin Hudson

Watching this brought tears to my eyes, one of the most iconic brand of today came from passion and partnership as Mr. Royce said "if it doesn't exist, design it" very powerful words right there this also show that with education and great determination you fan create a world of endless possibilities that will one day become a legacy. Long lived Mr. Royce and Mr. Rolls.

FeedTheMachine +928

This kid started his own company with a friend and it took over 10 whole years just to get the ball rolling! And your crying because you haven’t made it in the first year. What a legend! This serves as great motivation for people😃

country boy +338
country boy

I heard a story about a guy who broke an axle on his rolls Royce. The company quickly sent their own mechanics to replace it. After the car was repaired he phoned the company to thank them for fixing the axle. The company said: "Rolls Royce axles don't break". 😉

Vulcan Fist +494
Vulcan Fist

The poor boy now makes us feel like a poor boy-

Ali74 +158

Such an inspiring story creating an iconic brand. Rolls Royce is the definition of class.

Suseel Marahattha +197
Suseel Marahattha

Henry passed away in 1933 not 1993. Such a genius hardworking man to have ever lived and charles the man to follow his heart all the way.

Chris Paul +308
Chris Paul

This is an amazing story, success comes to does who look for it. Most times, it amazes me greatly how I moved from an average lifestyle to earning over $63k per month, Utter shock is the word. I have come to realize a lot in the past few years that there are lots of opportunities in the financial market. The only thing is to know where to invest.

21 день назад
Jack Hagerty +338
Jack Hagerty

My favorite Royce saying shows why the cars are so durable: "Test it until it breaks and then improve what breaks." He had a "torture rack" that would suspend a chassis at the four axle points (where the wheels would normally mount) and then pulse each one on it's own random cam at varying speeds in order to excite every natural frequency in the assembly. He expected his cars to survive at least 18 to 20 hours of this punishment without damage whereas when he put a competitors' car on there it would generally start shedding parts within the first hour. That's one of the reasons the British Army had them build halftracks for desert use during WW I.

Sean D. Youtuber +102
Sean D. Youtuber

Its crazy that Charles had the idea to make aero engines but Henry refused because today, Rolls Royce actually make most of the engines for private jets and a few commercial jets.

Dennis Allen +110
Dennis Allen

What a great story! I wish the makers of this story would mention more about the aviation side of the company and how the Rolls Royce Merlin engine help the Allies win the Second World War.

Leni Engel +2
Leni Engel

Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

Alberto Gonzalez +41
Alberto Gonzalez

This was a very informative and well-made video. I would have liked to learn more about the design and development of the all-important Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engine.

Jeff Glanstein +17
Jeff Glanstein

I worked on DeHaviland airplanes in the late 1970's. They were powered by Rolls Royce engines. It was a great experience. Somewhere I still have a few of the original decals.

GedB +144

In Manchester, there is a hotel, I think it's the Midland Hotel, that has a plaque on the outside wall entrance. It says that this was the hotel that Mr Rolls and Mr Royce had their first meeting to partner in the business.

Ah thehydra +114
Ah thehydra

The cars of Rolls Royce are very insignificant if you consider how important they were in the development of Engines for planes, ships and tanks and modern jets

O +5

Wow, he lived from 1863-1993, truly incredible

Another settlement needs your help +282
Another settlement needs your help

They should make a movie about this. Or miniseries.

JP Turner +34
JP Turner

Very interesting thank you for your research and Hardwork and sharing it with all of us!👍🏽

L. Green +8
L. Green

Amazing story about these men and how their vision has progressed over the past decades. Surprised to hear that BMW owns Rolls Royce

CJ Oldham +33
CJ Oldham

I always wanted to drive a Rolls-Royce. So to do so I bought a Silver Shadow MK II and owned it for years and thoroughly enjoyed driving it.


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