[Bgm for sleep, fall asleep in 5 minutes] Recovery of tired mind and body, relaxing effect

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    Hi guys!
    I composed these note pianos with all my heart!
    I hope it touches your heart too!
    And listening to my music makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and sleep deeply!
    The more rest you take, the stronger your immune system. Delta EEG conditions improve health at all levels-including additional immunity to the disease. Lack of sleep can affect the immune system. Studies show that people who get good or poor sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus such as the common cold virus. Sleep deprivation can also affect your recovery rate if you get sick.
    This track targeted delta waves with a subtle and regular mix of binaural beats. (Continuous binaural beats tend to saturate the ears and lead to head hacks). Delta brain waves that mimic sleep can rejuvenate both the mind and body and regenerate the chemicals needed to use while awake.
    Headphones usually provide a better listening experience, although not required. Try the headphones or common speakers that are best for you.
    Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Enjoy my friends, peace
    We are dedicated to developing a place where we can return whenever we need to relax and heal.
    Oh, if you like my video, don't hesitate to like me!
    And subscribe to my channel and listen to better piano music!
    I always pray for happiness and peace!
    I love everything!
    There are no ads in the middle of the video. Please watch with confidence.
    This work is a work where you can feel the magnificent energy of sound and images. It's okay if the volume is low. In addition, we have created a minimum amount of musical stimulation so that it can be used for sleep and meditation, so I think that it is most suitable for daily use.
    Welcome to our music channel.
    This channel is a music channel for two professional music therapists and psychotherapists.
    I will post completely original music made for this channel.
    I would appreciate it if you could put it close to you in your daily life.
    The concept is "music in which the listener plays the leading role".
    Therefore, it is composed with the intention of reducing musical claims as much as possible and adding a touch of color to your everyday life.
    All songs are composed and performed using the Solfeggio frequency, which is said to have a positive effect on the body and mind.
    By simply playing these music, the composition is intended to release the stress and suppressed energy accumulated both physically and mentally to the outside.
    This will release various brakes and take your original potential and brilliance to a higher level.
    By listening to it many times in your daily life, your potential will be activated smoothly.
    Please use it for relaxing your mind and body, Zen meditation, Reiki, yoga, spa, sleep, massage and research.
    For those who can change their lives on the same day at the earliest, attract a huge amount of wealth beyond imagination, and live a rich, enjoyable and healthy life without any trouble until old age, the honesty to immediately put into practice what they know and their own mind and body. This title is based on a prayer with a high sense of balance that puts health first. There is a lot of personal opinion about the effect, and there is no scientific or medical evidence, but there are various positive experiences regarding the solfeggio frequency.
    Solfeggio frequency is said to repair damaged DNA and cause miracles.
    By expressing the effect on the DNA in our body, as mentioned at the beginning, in addition to the stress-relieving and relaxing effects, it also acts on body pain and corrects the autonomic nerves. ..
    And it is said that the recovery of cells is expected and it has many effects on our body.
    Solfeggio frequencies do not refer to just one thing.
    It is said that 396hz is Aito from trauma and fear, 714hz is expressive and solves problems, and it is 528hz that calls for miracles.
    And the improvement reaction of the Solfeggio frequency means that the temple part hurts or the stomach hurts.
    Rest assured that this is an early phenomenon that occurs as you get used to the Solfeggio frequency.
    The copyright of this video belongs to our company. All materials used are self-made or licensed. Unauthorized use is prohibited. For details, please search and find out for yourself.

Minan - 睡眠用bgm 疲労回復 +348
Minan - 睡眠用bgm 疲労回復

Sleep Music For Deep Sleep Stress Relief, Relaxing Music, Deep Sleeping Music :

Pra Relaxx +16
Pra Relaxx

quien esté leyendo esto, si está pasando un mal momento, tranquilo recuerda q alguien siempre te estará apoyando.Les deseo lo mejor que duerman bien.

16 часов назад
Rosie +2

This music calms me down and put a smile on my face 😀 I wish everyone a beautiful day full of love and happiness!

9 часов назад

This music is so relaxing. And for anyone reading this, remember that smiles never go out of style! Hope you have a nice day!

9 часов назад
seri katil +1
seri katil

This music is so great I put it on when I’m sleeping because it’s so relaxing 💗it makes me really happy ☺️

9 часов назад
pak GAMER +39

Whoever is reading this, hope you will be having a peaceful sleep. Forget about all the stress and negative thoughts, and give yourself time to relax. Remember better days are coming! Life is indeed difficult, but with challenges you will be able to learn and grow, you will become an unbreakable rock!

14 дней назад

This soothing music is amazing and it deserves to get more viewers 🥺 I feel relaxed and believe that everything is going to be okay 🥰💗 dear ppl, let’s fight the miserable feelings inside us! we can do this! Smile, breathe in and out, relax. Everything is fine 😊❤

9 часов назад
P2K0P06 +39

This morning, I woke up and started working from home. I poured a cup of coffee and started playing this music in the background on my headphones. As I listened, I placed the warm mug to my forehead and closed my eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun flooding through my window. Thanks for helping to make this morning so peaceful.


I feel sad and stressed right now but reading and listening to calm music really helps

17 часов назад
Tammo Plays
Tammo Plays

I have the hardest time unwinding and shutting off the constant thoughts.. I was using sleep medication that would make me so grumpy and groggy.. I started listening to this video.. and instantly started sleeping better without the medication!! It's definitely my go to on restless nights!!

4 часа назад
Cardex +2

This is soo relaxing and at the same time making me emotional 😢 making me remember my all the past memories that i enjoyed with my grandfather and grandmother 🥺

9 часов назад
Joshua Offacal +2
Joshua Offacal

Just do your work and listen to this, you will not know when sleep creeps in!!!❤️❤️❤️

21 час назад
Khatri Arun
Khatri Arun

I’ve been watching you for years and the sounds in your video are so amazing you inspired me to start doing this and I can’t thank you enough for what you do for this community!

9 часов назад
king josh +349
king josh

I played this music for my dad on his last night on Earth while he was in his hospital bed. It was a beautiful, peaceful passing and I will always think of him when I play this.

@Deepesh +12

Whenever I'm really stressed and tired in life, I come back to this video and listen to the great sounds and read through all the great comments. Those things help me relax, wake up and regain my spirit to regain balance. Thank you so much because your music is important to me and so many people. Wishing you all the best

21 день назад
NJ video +3
NJ video

This has helped me for just litteral months, I can't sleep so easily without noise and this helps me to calm down and relax if I'm panicking about something while I'm in bed. Ty! It helps a lot

21 час назад
Pikachu pes 2021 +1
Pikachu pes 2021

Tonight after a surgical poceedure my heart was racing. 120 bpm. 20 minutes breathing to your lovely music it was within normal range. Thank you

14 дней назад
自然音 Nature Sounds +53
自然音 Nature Sounds

I love to listening this soothing and calming sounds . I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance🙏


Wow this is so amazing, thank you for making my night and giving me the best sleep ever!

14 дней назад
Organic Tech +26
Organic Tech

I listen to this every night when putting my daughter to sleep, it's so relaxing and helps me forget about all the horrible things that are happening in the world at the moment x


Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music


Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music

Minan - 睡眠用bgm 疲労回復

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The Best Music To Relax The Brain And Sleep, Calm The Mind, Relaxing Music To Sleep


The Best Music To Relax The Brain And Sleep, Calm The Mind, Relaxing Music To Sleep

Minan - 睡眠用bgm 疲労回復

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