Tuesday Talk | The New 'C' Word on Youtube , Should I Be Concerned? Not Sure!

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    Tuesday Talk | The New 'C' Word on RUplayers |Should I Be Concerned? Not Sure!
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@meatdog +91

I so love the fact that you DO NOT use click bait. I refuse to tune into channels that do use click bait. I get you on my feed and I get your notifications. I'm so tired of the dictators in America telling me what I can do with my own life. Our democracy is threatened every minute of every day now. I will stay CARNIVORE for the rest of my life, just try and stop me. Stay strong Anita. Your message is needed and appreciated. Long live our RIGHT to be healthy with an ancestral lifestyle.

@KoppersKitchen +40

What a well done Tuesday Talk today and on a hugely important topic. I am going to start a 'SOC' club......Sick of Censorship! I am sick of all these vegan and vegetarian videos popping up in my feeds as well. People can eat what they please, but I am sick of things being forced on us. I might have to unleash my inner polar bear and wolf! 🐻‍❄🐺

@BobKeefe +28

The only C-word that shouldn’t be allowed is: Censorship

@karengarber8257 +25

Anita, You think you are a fly on the wall, but I value your input tremendously! I've been carnivore for about a year with a few "mudpuddles" here and there. But my goal is always to get back on track because I've seen the good results for myself. Keep it up!! I'm here to cheer you on!

@pattylyman7907 +72

We do not need pharmaceutical companies to survive. Pharmaceutical companies need us to survive.

@rikwen96 +15

Thank you for bringing up this topic. I am ketovore, and from what I am seeing, it is not just in the carnivore and keto world, but also some of the homesteading and gut health channels I subscribe to that are being deep sixed on the lists. On a regular occasion I will go through my subscriptions and if there are some that are not sending me notifications, I will click on the bell again to start them up. I just have to be diligent about making sure that the content I want to watch is there. I would say independent thinking is not being encouraged nowadays. In addition, I extremely dislike click bait videos. There is a fine line between click bait and funny put ons, but click bait will have me going elsewhere pretty quickly.

@kadenleger +13

You won’t be lost to me - I search you out every week ! I appreciate you !❤️

@auntblingsgratefullife4480 +18

The YouTuber "Old Guy Carnivore" did a ton of research regarding YouTube and the algorithms in response to Dr. Berg's video. It was very educational and worth checking out. Keep up the great work!!

@peggyfitzmaurice4100 +13

I appreciate no click bait. I know when you post, it will be quality information that I can value. Keep up the great work. I also enjoy all the beautiful views of Victoria

@conniedavis9382 +15

Also have to say I love this channel! Always go to my subscriptions rather than let YouTube decide what I should watch.

@JeJe11 +12

Thank you, Anita. I appreciate your values and care for your fellow influencers.... right in line with your care for your followers! ( I'm still trying to get my nerve up to try sardines!😂😂)

@bonnie8522 +7

Important Tuesday talk! We must be vigilant regarding what content that we want to watch, and what we don’t want to see! Your channel is so important because you embrace a wide range of PHD protocols and encourage people to find what works for them!! Thank you for staying true!! Beautiful scenery as always!

@critter4004 +18

I thought the new C word was censored.

@sharonvandoran7608 +9

Beautiful ❤

@reneekennedy716 +4

So sorry to hear this is going on with the censorship. I saw Dr. Barry saying the same thing and I did the survey/feedback to let them know I don't agree at all. Thank you for not doing the click bait thing - that is so aggravating and desperate. So many beautiful spots for you to discover over there, Anita! TY for sharing. Love that camera!

@CarniBarbie +6

I love that you don’t use clickbait! You’re so real….that’s what is great about you! Thanks for your content! ❤

@jennifertaylor-kemp4173 +4

Thanks for the video Anita, I appreciate all your information. You and many other great people have helped me enormously with information and encouragement on my Carnivore journey. Stay strong.x

@brigann9879 +4

Absolutely ❤ your channel and content Anita and thank u for bringing this issue to our attention...enough with this censorship crap!

@ursuladozier3296 +5

You are so loved Anita

@Jenna-rl4cu +2

Hi Anita, I agree and I only go to my subscription list. That being said periodically I do check out some anti-keto/carnivore people just to hear what hyperbole their spewing. Thanks for all you do and share😊


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