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    y'all i've had enough of these opinion videos
    btw i read all the nice words and suggestions you've given me, ily'all for that
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hifromjames +345

Unpopular opinion : road to kingdom was ten times better than kingdom legendary war. The performances were so much better on road to kingdom and they were so creative.

Wacky Macky +92
Wacky Macky

Art has always been a collaborative medium. Saying idols aren't artists bc they don't write their music is like saying actors aren't artists because they don't write their scripts. If they are involved in making art, they are artists.

SuckMe Taehyung +414
SuckMe Taehyung

BTS just put out 3 English songs in a year making y all throwing up. More of you are collectively forgetting that BE is a 2020 album. It's not put out years ago wtf

Vivi; +259

Opinion: I miss seeing MVs that actually showed the story instead of just saying everything that is happening on the lyrics. I am not talking about AESPA but ok yeah I'm talking about them. Don't get me wrong their songs are great, but I can't listen to Next Level anymore and just keep hearing those cringy lyrics. If they want to tell a story, then show it in the video, this is not a Broadway Musical. This might just be my bias but I still believe TXT has an amazing story and that it is shown in an amazing way- the THEMES are in the songs, but nothing really explicit (and if it is, it can still be seen as poethic and stuff like Magic Island), we learn what happens through the videos. BTS also did that in HYYH, while their songs captured the themes well they didn't say anything. That's why when I hear lyrics like "we against the villain; What's the name? Black mamba" and "Come on" Show me the way to Kosmo yeah yeah" or maybe even "That's my Naevis it's my Naevis" I change songs. Sorry for any grammar mistakes English isn't my first language lol (also pls don't take this as hate towards the girls from AESPA, this is more to the producers themselves). Also I'd just like to say that while TXT had a movie, 19+ min long MVs and BTS had a WEBTOON, AESPA should like...use their whole concept and make a movie or even a web series with the digital avatars.

Nevermind +317

People saying that Kpop idols are not artist bcs they don’t produce their own songs is so wrong, like if dancing and singing isn’t art. Plus, how many big artist in the west do you think produce or write their own music? And when they do it, they have a lot of help from professionals, and they are still considered artist. Kpop idols are so overworked already, imagine if they have to also work on their songs too.

Min Lee Ha +128
Min Lee Ha

Honestly, when I found out that most groups have comebacks 3-4 times a year I was so shocked, I used to think a comeback would only take place annually but I was wrong

Rujju Shrestha +46
Rujju Shrestha

My opinion on txt : big 3 privilege exists for a reason. They did not just pick a random group of boys and decide to debute them. I myself started stanning txt after their blue hour era even tho I'm an army from 2016. I liked them because their music is one of the most unique but in a pleasant way in 4th gen kpop group. So not stanning a group just because they are from the big 3 company is stupid and also tho their debut song got more recognition because of bts, its their own talent and effort that they have a fan base now and are popular.

Iselin +212

If Kpop is mentally draining for y’all then y’all should get outside. It’s music😔

hwatropy +79


ana’s mvsk +116
ana’s mvsk

About bts’ english singles, as an army for years, and bts being my ults: on an interview some time ago, they said they don’t intend to make more english songs and don’t care for what the company thinks about it (try to search for it, you’ll find for sure), and being completely honest, I got pretty happy with that information because, for me, even if butter is still a whole ass bop, ptd and dynamite aged really badly. When bts works with their own language, or maybe even in japanese, they produce and write their songs, and they always do AMAZING at it, they can show why they are true artists and why they are so big and deserve all they have, something that almost didn’t happen with the english singles.

Erisa Zeqiri +90
Erisa Zeqiri

About the comment for HYBE, i wouldn't call myself a company fan, but you have got to give credit when it's due. While I 100% agree companies don't give the slightest fuck about fans, including HYBE, HYBE cares about their artists. They want their artists to feel free to enjoy being an artist and experiment while they can. I have yet to see "rookie" groups from the big companies to write their own stuff and try to meddle in their own artistry. Hybe has fucked up in places, but they've also done great in other places so it's only fair we point out both sides.

Yuktha A +128
Yuktha A

Opinion: twice’s discography(bsides mostly) is quite under appreciated outside the fandom(once)

cheri +98

for no.7, i literally saw an army get cancelled on twitter yesterday for saying ‘i don’t think i like my universe’ that tweet blew up and they got hundreds of quotes saying ‘stop ruining the mood’ and ‘get out if you can’t appreciate our boys’ or ‘shut up with negativity’ like the tweet wasnt even bad?? they sounded nice about it too? i was like how are these people real… i checked a bunch of accounts in the quotes and they were all 20+ like what are these adults doing on kpop twitter arguing…. they all need to take step back from the screen

Subtitles +57

This is just my opinion for me every idol no need to produce their own song cuz they literally join in music industry to sing and show their talents by dancing singing and rapping.

Sehdeep Bhogal +135
Sehdeep Bhogal

can you pls keep me anonymous but i think some kpop stans really need to realise that their idols are GROWN HUMAN BEINGS. stop embarassing urself by babying 25 yr olds. it just makes kpop stans look so cringey. Another thing I hate is praising idols for the bare minimum. Like duality. It isn't a thing. Everybody has the ability to smile, and then not smile. And don't say that they broke the beauty standard for something they were born with. Yes, you can admire them for being confident, but I bet nearly every idol would want to be born with one or more different feature. They aren't fking gods, so don't treat them like it.

jeongbread +30


Chong Ying Xuan +45
Chong Ying Xuan

I agree with cheese gromit and your example of twice! LITERALLY, it’s happening right now. twice literally just gave us a whole ass English comeback (The Feels) and like a week later they told us that they’re releasing a BRAND NEW album (o+t=<3) like….they’re so overworked. hard onces need to let them breathe

Ribi Sabu +36
Ribi Sabu

My unpopular opinion: im not a 2nd gen stan.. but i gotta say some 2nd gen mvs are good i mean the mvs of blockb , bap etc.. i just like when they are telling it doesn't have to be any theory any story can be it is so interesting to watch. Mvs nowadays are so boring it all just shows some visuals and sets (there are exceptions too) i just wish there would be more story telling mvs

michelle +80

I agree with #8. A lot of idols truly aren’t artists, unless you want to give them the watered down version of what an artist is.

Vrisha Bhandari +16
Vrisha Bhandari

Fun Fact: we all have different musical taste


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